Nov 11

SciFi Diner Conversations 41 – Listeners Question Our Geekness, Discuss Star Wars 3D, Review Real Steel, and Comment on Current TV Shows.

SciFi Diner Conversations 41

Listeners question our Geekness, discuss Star Wars 3D,

Review Real Steel, and Comment on Current TV Shows.



In this listener feedback show, we announce our Christmas Contest and the chance to win a $200 dollar gift certificate from Think Geek (details below). Listeners discuss Grimm, Once Upon a Time, the Heroes reunion on Hawaii 5-O, review Enemy Lines by John Mierau, Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, the Star Trek :Enterprise Finale, Sanctuary, review Real Steel, Terra Nova, the Blade Runner sequel, Fringe, Star Wars 3D, the SciFi Channel done right, and The Thing.  Music from the end of the show has been embedded below and is from John Carpenter’s The Thing. Live long and podcast!

Our Think Geek Christmas Give Away.

Top Prize: $200 Gift Certificate to ThinkGeek.com

What you Need To Do: We will be selecting the “Best of Show” to receive this awesome prize. You can do any of three things to get into this part of the contest…

1. Take any Science Fiction or Fantasy Theme from Television or the Movies.  Create a song to the music about the SciFi Diner Podcast. Someone needs to sing it whether it be you or a friend. Send it in MP3 format to scifidinerpodcast@gmail.com.

2. Create a picture that incorporates the SciFi Diner Podcast logo into it. E-mail it to us.

3. Come up with a creative You Tube video that somehow incorporates the SciFi Diner Podcast into it.  Send us the link.

Other Prizes: $150 & $100 Gift Certificate to ThinkGeek.com

We are also randomly giving away a $150 and $100 gift certificate to ThinkGeek.com.  If you create something for the top prize and do not win, you will automatically be placed in the random drawing.

You can get into the random drawing in two other ways:

1. You can send us you top five Geeky/SciFi/Fantasy Christmas gifts. Please include links to the items if they actually exist.

2. Leave a positive iTunes review if you have not done so before.  E-mail us, letting us know you have done so and what country you are from.

Please e-mail all entries to scifidinerpodcast@gmail.com by November 29th, 6 PM EST. This contest is open worldwide.

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