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Dec 01

SciFi Diner Conversations 42 – Giving You The Ultimate Answer To The Ultimate Question

In this listener feedback show, we discuss a Superhero Thanksgiving, shows on Hiatus, the Walking Dead, Terra Nova, Richardo Montoban, The Immortals, The Green Lantern, and Batman: Year One. Wayne has some questions about Fringe, Kevin discusses his awesome talent of watching 12 genre shows each week, and Kahless schools Scott on the correct pronunciation of Mozart. Live long and podcast!

Jul 25

SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 105 – Our Interview With Aaron Rosenberg from Crazy 8 Press and The Scattered Earth Saga

On this science fiction podcast, we interview Aaron Rosenberg from Crazy 8 Press and the Scattered Earth Saga. Beside a new New Trivia contest, we also discuss the Fringe Teaser, The Fall Line-Up of SciFi TV, Harry Potter Rocks the Theaters, Superman Reborn, and Batman: Year One. Miles brings you This Week in Trek and J.P. Harvey brings us the top 5 shows he watched when he was a kid in the SciFi Five in Five.