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Sep 14

SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 150 – Our Interview with Jonathon Young (Nikola Tesla from Sanctuary) at Shore Leave 34

Tonight on our 150th show we share our interview with Jonathon Young (Nikola Tesla from Sanctuary), give away tons of prizes, and give you a chance to win Kate Mulgrew. We also share the following news: Contiumm renewed; Whedon back to small screen, We say Good Bye to Michael Clarke Duncan; and a Former Dark Knight goes from hero to villain for RoboCop. Scott talks about the Audiobook Review: No Small Bills by Aaron Rosenberg. Miles talks Star Trek and the New Con of Wrath Teaser; Update on the Star Trek/Worf film. We end with the SciFi Five in Five: Kahless’s Top Five McCoy Quotes.

Oct 03

Scifi Diner Podcast Ep. 34 – An Interview with Christopher Heyerdahl; News on TV Premieres and More!

In this Science Fiction podcast, we have an interview tonight with Christopher Heyerdahl from Sanctuary and Stargate Atlantis, a Firefly where-are-the-now, Flash Forward rocks the Premieres, Is Dollhouse Dead, V Trouble, FOX damages Fringe, can any Hero save Heroes, 1 reason to see Riverworld, Surrogates struggles, treasure trouble for the Hobbit?, Horror Film Clichés, The Fly is being reborn yet again, Dark Knight meet Ghost Rider 2, and one film we’re excited about The Road.