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Jan 25

SciFi Diner Conversations 46 – Listeners discuss the Star Trek time travel fiasco, love Fringe, are meh with Alcatraz. are in Frenzy about Fringe, are Mixed on Alcatraz and More!

In this listener feedback show, we discuss with our listeners Misfits, the divergent Star Trek timeline, the first two episodes of Fringe, Alcatraz, and more. Oh and please vote in our poll! Live long and podcast!

Nov 02

SciFi Diner Conversations 40 – Listeners discuss Networks Look at DVR Ratings, American Sensibilities, Sanctuary Jumps the Shark, Misfits Refit for US Audiences, Walking Dead, Babylon 5, and More.

In this listener feedback show, listeners discuss Sanctuary jumping the shark, Ender’s Game, Person of Interest being given a full season, Grimm and Once Upon a Time, the Walking Dead, The Thing, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Misfits Refit, syndication, what would happen if Canadian Actors went of strike, Networks Rethink The Ratings Game, American Sensibilities, The Impact of Babylon 5 or Why Babylon 5 is better than Terra Nova, and The Geek Vid Cast. Live long and podcast!