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Dec 09

SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 119a – Robocop Patrols Star Trek, Get Your Guns for Christmas, And The Worst Star Wars’ Lines EVER.

At the SciFi Diner Tonight, we serve up trivia, what is going on with our favorite YV shows for Christmas, Christmas on our Sci Fi Shows, NASA finds what they think is an earth like planet, Miles reviews of Trek Nation, Peter Weller takes over the new Star Trek movie, and Scott shares his top 5 worst Star Wars’ lines.

Dec 05

SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 118 – Merry Christmas, Baby! With Larry Nemecek (Dr. Star Trek) And John Fraizer (ThinkGeek)

Tonight, the diner is decorated all sorts of Christmas-like, we’re serving up great conversation, and we’re giving away some awesome gifts. We’re so glad you joined us. The main part of our show will be sharing what is on our geeky Christmas lists this year. For some reason everything John picked was from ThinGeek 8^) We announce our ThinkGeek Contest winners and share some of your awesome lists. We also talk about a nonprofit that we woukld love for you to support: The Haitian Connection Network. We also talk about Sci Fi themed restaurants, the new Alcatraz trailer has us remembering what we loved about Lost, Star Trek 13 Release Date, Life after Trek Pod Cast talks w/ Rod Roddenberry, and Trek Nation News.

Jul 29

SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 106 – Our Interview With David Niall Wilson from Crossroads Press and The Scattered Earth Saga

On the latest SciFi Diner Podcast, we interview David Niall Wilson from Crossroad Press and the Scattered Earth Saga. We also cover Fringe News, Total Recall Stand Still, Star Wars Gang Style, Voltron to the Big Screen, the San Diego Comicon protest, Mercury Men released, Falling Skies is NOT Falling, Televixen’s bid to become Dehner, and Rod Rodenberry’s Trek Nation. J.P. Harvey brings us his top 5 shows he watched when he was a kid in the SciFi Five in Five.