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Scifi Diner Podcast Ep. 2 – Our Review of Dollhouse and Thoughts on Volume 4 of Heroes so far (mp3)



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Tonight’s conversation with Scott and Matt takes us through Dollhouse, our thoughts on the show and its plot, comments on the characters, and where the show might be taking us.  We also chat about the current volume of Heroes, our favorite characters, and our speculations.

We like that the Dollhouse is on remote free tv.  We thought it was a good episode…not great.  The judgments still out for me.

Synopsis of the Episode:

Ep. 1 – Ghost – Synopsis: Echo is one of the “Actives” in the elite and illegal Dollhouse. Through different personality downloads, she plays the role of a lovestruck girl on a romantic weekend, and then a ruthlessly efficient kidnapping negotiator. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Paul Ballard is struggling with his assignment to uncover information on the Dollhouse. The chase has destroyed his marriage and is wrecking his career, and it doesn’t seem that he’ll stop until he uncovers the truth. The father of the kidnapped child triggers confusion in Echo when he attacks her competence as a manufactured psyche.

We thought the cycle race was a great way to open the show. Still it was not as capturing when you first saw Firefly. The relity is that everyone’s going compare this to his last show. The first episode of Firefly opens like this: The Train Job – 20 Sep 02 “Mal, Zoe and Jayne relaxing over a few drinks at a bar. A man stands and makes a toast to the Alliance to celebrate Unification Day. Mal and Zoe, who fought for the Independents in the War, end up in a brawl. Jayne joins in and, just as their opponents have forced them to the edge of a cliff, Wash flies in to save the day.”  IMDB

We felt this was a stronger opening and established setting a bit better. We have some questions:

What/who is Alpha?  We know she is a doll, but why the importance?

Who is the man the end of the episode?  We assume that he is in Echo’s house and that Echo’s parents are dead.

What happened to Claire Saunders, the Dollhouse physician? Where did she get those scars?

Trivia: The names of the Dolls are all words from the NATO phonetic alphabet. This alphabet is used for radio communication because many letters sound the same over such connections. Thus one says “Alpha” instead of “A”, “Bravo” instead of “B”, and “Echo” instead of “E”. Stats:

Dollhouse attracted 4.72 million viewers overnight, with 6% share of the 18-49 audience.

Never the less, the show did have less overnight viewers than Firefly.

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