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Scifi Diner Podcast Ep. 12 – Star Wars Fan Films; SciFi TV and Movie News; Star Wars Trivia!


Dining at the End of the Universe Podcast.

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Tonight’s Diners: Scott & Miles Welcome to the Diner.  We want your feedback: how are we doing, what can we do differently, what would you like to see? We what to know! Also the ACC feeds of out podcast are enhanced, which means there are chapters.  So if we’re talking about a show you’re not interested in, you can skip ahead.

Trivia: Answers:

If you can repeat Guido’s lines to Han Solo in Star Wars: A New Hope, please call in! We’ve provided the actual example so you can hear it in the show.  Also let us know the shows we should be watching! We talk about the shows we know know about and that interest us. But they maybe some shows you watch and love that we have not taken the time to watch.    This past episode we placed music underneath our news segment.  Did you like it, hate it, or find it distracting? By the way, we run an enhanced podcast in our ACC feed, which means if we’re talking about a show your not interested in, you can skip ahead.

In our news:

  • Kings is canceled.  Sucks since we liked this show.
  • Live-action version of Full Metal Panic anime is headed for the big screen
  • Terminator Salvation: It looks like McG may have lost his bid to have his upcoming Terminator Salvation rated R, at least if we can believe the Pizza Hut promotional tie-in Web site, which shows the film with a PG-13 rating.  We’ll believe it when we see it. Of course, Warner Brothers has not announced the film’s rating officially, so it’s possible the PG-13 rating on the Pizza Hut site is an error. If the movie does carry the rating, it would mark a softening of the franchise, whose three previous films have all carried the harder R rating.
  • Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles:   People predicting that with low ratings it is not coming back. We share our thoughts on this.  Plus we comment on last week’s shocking surprises.
  • More than 1 million have downloaded the illegal Wolverine copy.
  • Passengers: Rick Nicita’s Morgan Creek is near a green light on Passengers, a new sci-fi romance movie starring Keanu Reeves, Variety reported. The movie takes place in the future, as a spacecraft is transporting people to colonize a distant planet. Because of a malfunction, a single passenger (Reeves) is awakened 90 years before anyone else. Faced with the prospect of growing old and dying alone, he awakens a beautiful woman. Jon Spaihts wrote the script, which is being developed by producers Reeves and Stephen Hamel. Robinson is also producing.
  • Warehouse 13: The show centers on two FBI agents, Myka and Peter, who work at the government’s Warehouse 13, which houses supernatural objects. They are assigned to retrieve missing objects and investigate reports of new ones. The dramatic comedy, from Universal Cable Studios, is described as part The X-Files, part Raiders of the Lost Ark and part Moonlighting.  July 2009 premiere.

Main Course:

We talk about how one defines a fan film.  We share some of the sites you can find them.  Here are some of the sites:

Here are some of our favorite fan films:

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