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Scifi Diner Podcast Ep. 20 – Welcome to the Whedonverse!


Dining at the End of the Universe Podcast.

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Tonight’s Diners: Scott & Miles

Welcome to the Science Fiction Diner. We want your feedback: how are we doing, what can we do differently, what would you like to hear? We what to know! Also the ACC feeds of out podcast are enhanced, which means there are chapters. So if we’re talking about a show you’re not interested in, you can skip ahead.

Tonight’s agenda: The Whedonverse

Show News:

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  • Next week: Shore-Leave 31 interview with Michael Schilling – Let us know what questions you would like us to ask.

Trivia Question for this next week:

For our trivia question this week:

Who is the Disney actor who played young Simon tan in the Firefly episode “Ariel”?

Call (206) 600-4824, e-mail, or contact Scott and Miles on Twitter with your answers!

Last week’s trivia winner:

The question: In the Firefly series, what was the name of Jane’s gun?

The Answer: Vera

Congrats to Herne!

SciFi News:


Regular News:

  • Weaving, McKellen, Serkis All Returning For ‘The Hobbit’
  • Star Runners – a brief review by Miles
  • Shia LaBeouf says that a new Indiana Jones movie is in the works . The video of his interview is here. —-> Shia LaBeouf told BBC News that a new Indiana Jones movie is in the works and that director Steven Spielberg has come up with a story. “Steven just said that he cracked the story on it before I left, and I think they’re gearing that up,” LaBeouf said. No word on whether LaBeouf will actually appear in it or reprise the role of “Mutt” Williams from the last film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  • Sarah Connor producer on how the show would have continued. James Middleton, executive producer of Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, told SCI FI Wire that he remains passionate about continuing the story of the canceled series in another format, but does not want to get anybody’s hopes up. Middleton had producing credits on both the series and the film Terminator Salvation.”I feel like I don’t want to raise anybody’s expectations about what’s going to happen with those characters,” Middleton said in an exclusive phone interview Wednesday while promoting Terminator: The Machinima Series. “I can tell you that I love those characters. I use a business term, and it sort of belies my emotional investment in these characters, but they are a great franchise asset. My passion for them is not diminished at all, and I’ll just leave it at that.”The season finale that became the series finale left fans intrigued about new possibilities. John Connor (Thomas Dekker) travels to the future, where familiar faces such as Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green) do not recognize him.”It was a great way for us to end the season, but we would have liked to have continued,” Middleton said. “There’s no doubt about it. We liked making that show, and we all worked together really well, but the really great thing we can look back on is we’ve got 31 episodes of really good television. That’s something we can be proud of forever. That’s what we’ll have to take away from it.”One theory about the ending is that by leaping to the future, John Connor never grew up to become the leader of the human resistance. That would free him of the burden of saving humanity.“I think that that’s the right interpretation, because in the actual footage of the show, we see that Derek doesn’t recognize him,” Middleton said. “So, by jumping into this future, he has erased his existence in a certain way, and we see that. We see that nobody recognizes him.”Middleton added that leaping to the future changes John Connor’s fate. “We would have to have explored that if we did get a third season,” he said. “If we had gotten a third season, I should say, we definitely would have explored what it all meant, but I think there’s a great moment where we see Allison [Summer Glau], and John’s look to her is very meaningful. I think that also would have been a great thing in terms of dramatic potential. Like I said, the show has ended, and it would all be speculation, and I really don’t want to raise anybody’s expectations.”Whatever becomes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline, Middleton wanted to leave fans with happy thoughts. “The thing that I would say to you, and I’m sure [show runner] Josh [Friedman] would echo this, is we so much appreciated our fans’ enthusiasm for these characters,” he said. “My enthusiasm for them is undiminished, and it will always be that way.”
  • The complete second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles drops on DVD Sept. 22.  It is available for pre-order here.
  • A review of something old Eagle Eye.
  • New full trailer for 2012 shows that director Roland Emmerich really hates New York
  • Ten Reason Trek is cool.

The Meat of the Show:

  • Joss Whedon’s dossier.
  • Angel
  • Buffy
  • Dr. Horrible
  • Dollhouse
  • Firefly

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