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SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 24 – Are You a Potterphile? Looking Back at Shore Leave 31. True Blood, G.I. Joe News and More


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Tonight’s Diners: Scott & Miles

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Tonight’s Agenda: News and a look back at the con.

Show News:

  • Dollhouse Preorder
  • Major changes coming next week to the podcast….
  • *** Pcast Notes only:  Btw if you are a podcaster and do a podcast something in the vein of Scifi/fantasy or something geeky, we would love to play your promo!
  • Next week: A change is coming; Our interview with Miracle Laurie.

Trivia Question for this next week:

Artie from Warehouse 13 plays what character in Star Trek: The Next generation?

Call 18885084343, e-mail, or contact Scott and Miles on Twitter with your answers!

For our trivia question this week:

In the 1986 Transformers Movie based on the cartoon series, what famous Star Trek actor lent his voice and what character did he play?

Answer: Leonard Nimoy – GALVATRON!!

Jimbo Lamb (MisterLamb on Twitter)

SciFi News:

News briefs: Transformers, Caprica.

  • Finishing third after two weekends in the number one spot, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen took in an estimated $24.2 million domestically for the July 10 weekend, raising its domestic haul to $339.2 million, the Associated Press reported; the sequel passed the $319 million total of 2007’s original Transformers.
  • Caprica writer Jane Espenson tweeted that her former Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-writer Drew Z. Greenberg has joined the writing staff of the Syfy Battlestar Galactica prequel series.

‘Harry Potter’ Sets Midnight Box Office Record

  • Forget giant robots, drunken groomsmen and Vulcans: The real hero of the summer will be a boy wizard if the preliminary box-office figures for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince are any indication, according to Variety:The movie easily scored the biggest midnight gross of all time in earning $22.2 million as it unspooled in 3,003 runs at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday.That figure beats the $18 million earned in midnight runs by Warners’ very own The Dark Knight and the $17 million earned by 20th Century Fox’s Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith.There’s a lot of pent-up demand among Potterphiles, who have had to do without an installment in their beloved franchise for two years. The last chapter, 2007’s Order of the Phoenix, grossed $12 million in midnight runs on its way to a $139.7 million five-day debut.

Latest ‘True Blood’ Episode Scores Record Ratings

  • Sunday night’s episode of True Blood ‘Shake and Fingerpop’ has drawn record ratings for the series.The fourth episode of its second season raked in 3.9 million viewers, topping its season opening record by 200,000 viewers.By comparison True Blood’s first season of episodes averaged 2 million viewers.Needless to say there aren’t any questions amongst HBO executives about the potential for a third season.

Warehouse 13 is tops again among prime-time cable nets in adults.

  • “Resonance” featured guest star Tricia Helfer. In its second Tuesday airing, Syfy’s new Warehouse 13 was the top original cable drama in prime time Tuesday for the second week in a row among adults 25-54, the network announced.The new episode, “Resonance,” beat new episodes of A&E’s The Cleaner, TNT’s HawthoRNe, TNT’s Saving Grace and F/X’s Rescue Me.  The one-hour dramedy delivered a 2.4 household rating, 3.4 million total viewers, 1.6 million adults 25-54 and 1.2 million adults 18-49. In its 9 p.m. timeslot, Syfy delivered more adults 25-54 than ABC (including a new episode of ABC’s Better Off Ted).

‘Battlestar Galactica’ Season 4 Soundtrack Sells Out (and some more cool Bear McCreary news):

  • The first print run of Bear McCreary’s Battlestar Galactica: Season 4 soundtrack have sold out – two weeks prior to its release.  La La Land Records are now rushing to print more to keep up with demand.Battlestar Galactica: Season 4 has been the top selling TV soundtrack for over a month on Amazon and is currently in the Top 100 Music CD’s on Amazon (ranked #53).

Willem Dafoe Joins ‘John Carter of Mars’

  • Willem Dafoe has joined the cast of Disney’s John Carter of Mars. John Carter of Mars is a new epic feature film adapted from the Edgar Rice Burroughs sci-fi story that follows a Civil War veteran who, after being transported to Mars, finds himself partially super-powered thanks to the planet’s low gravity.  There he becomes embroiled in a battle between the Martians and invading aliens.It is not yet known what role Dafoe will play in the film.  He will join Taylor Kitsch (aka Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) who has been cast in the title role of John Carter and Lynn Collins (aka Silverfox in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) who will play Dejah Thoris, the Princess of Mars.  Thomas Haden Church (Spider-Man 3 / Idiocracy / Charlotte’s Web) is also rumored to star.Wall-E writer/director Andrew Stanton is the writer/director behind the project which has been likened to James Cameron’s Avatar in scope.  Dafoe has a number of films coming out over the next year including the sci-fi vampire thriller Daybreakers. Watch the trailer and learn more about Daybreakers here.John Carter of Mars is expected in theaters sometime during 2012.
  • G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra hits theaters: Australia – August 6 USA & UK – August 7

Man Sues Claiming He Created ‘Lost’

  • The producer of The Man From U.N.C.L.E and The Last Ninja, Anthony Spinner, is claiming that he was paid $30,000 to write a TV pilot way back in 1977 and that his script became Lost.   79 year old Spinner, who was nominated for an Emmy for Baretta, is suing ABC and Touchstone Television for creating a replica of his idea without providing him the associated credit – and the associated money.Spinner’s lawsuit contains a list of some 30 or so similarities between his story and Lost.  Here’s a couple of examples:*  Airplane headed to Los Angeles crashes into a tropical, jungle-like environment *  Doctor is the voice for the survivors * Trailblazer challenges the group to accept they are stuck on the island *  Stubborn reluctant semi-hero challenges the leadership of the real leader and has a dark father-son past *  Survivor suffers from a drug addiction *  Lone survivor of a scientific expedition is found with gunpowder, secure shelter, and a relationship with others who were on the island before them * Cold weather animals in warm tropical jungle *  Female lead with criminal past *  Cave dwellings with signs of riches, civilization, and written warnings *  Use of flashbacks to the regular life of each characterIf true it is difficult to believe that with all those similarities (and there are more) that there isn’t a basis to his claim, although it should be pointed out that he attempted to sue a few years ago but his case was dismissed, apparently for procedural reasons.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog gets nominated for a Emmy!

  • In the Outstanding Special Class section, it got nominated in the Short-format Live-Action Entertainment category. Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of it.Here’s the relevant details:  Outstanding Special Class – Short-format Live-Action Entertainment Programs1. 30 Rock’s Kenneth the Web Page • • Universal Media Studios2. Battlestar Galactica: The Face Of The Enemy • • Universal Cable Productions3. Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl Halftime Show • NBC • White Cherry Entertainment in association with Don Mischer Productions4. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog • • Mutant Enemy, Inc.5. The Daily Show: The Daily Show Correspondents On Jon Stewart • • Comedy Central Digital Media

The Main Show:

  • Disclaimer: This is the last time we’ll geek on SL31 – interviews excluded
  • Initial thoughts on Shore Leave 31
  • What impressed us/didn’t impress us….
  • Best/worst guests.
  • Favorite/least favorite event.
  • Favorite/Least favorite costumes.
  • Fan run charity events.

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