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Scifi Diner Podcast Ep. 36 – An Interview with Christopher Heyerdahl (Part 2); News on Heroes, Flash Forward, Dollhouse, The Hobbit and More!


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Tonight’s Diners: Scott, Miles, & Tom

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In our show tonight:

In this science fiction podcast, we share the second part of our Interview with Christopher Heyerdahl from the hit TV Show Sanctuary.  In news, a major character from Heroes will die, Dollhouse and Smallville are looking better, Sanctuary & Stargate Universe continues Syfy record breaking, can’t get enough of Flash Forward? There’s more on tap. An Independence Day Sequel, Ron D. Moore simplifies writing Star Trek, Saving Private Ryan writer to pen World of Warcraft, Paranormal Fans get what they demand, what actors are in and out of the Hobbit, Millennium movie talks, and two new DVD release: Get Bender’s Head and Season One of Legend of the Seeker.

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Our Interview:

In this science fiction podcast, Miles and Scott interview Christopher Heyerdahl, well known for his roles in Smallville, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, and most recently Sanctuary.  He starts off the interview chatting about his role as Zor-El in Smallville and then moves into chatting about his role as Alistair on Supernatural.  Is Alistair really?  Heyerdahl weighs in on the matter.  He goes on to chat about his roles in the Stargate franchise, especially focusing on his role as Todd the Wraith, which he views as having brought humanity to the wraith.  After a brief interruption from Adrienne Wilkenson, he chats about his favorite Todd moments including shaking Amanda Tapping’s hand, the revelation in “Common Ground”, and the mutiny on the Deadalus.  He shares what it was like to wear the mask and outfit of Todd and what it was like to wear that around the Atlantis set.  After a brief interruption by a Japanese schoolgirl, which he enjoyed I might add, he went on to chat about revoicing Todd, what some have called Looping, and others have referred to as ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording).

We pressed him about Sanctuary and what we could expect from Season 2.  With the Kabal still in action and Ashley now rogue, he said, season 2 will bring more action, more special effects, and take place all over the world.  Many of the characters will surprises us, especially Will.  His character of John Druitt will continue to stir up trouble.  He said to expect a new gun for hire character he calls Hanna Solo.

He finishes the interview by stalking about how he got into science fiction and his love of all things Star Trek and Star wars.  He comments on how Vancouver has become the hot bed for all things scifi.  He discusses his role in the up and coming Twilight: New Moon movie.  He discusses the types of science fiction movies he loves, such as the X-men and Transformers, and the science fiction books that first drew him into scifi.

Show News:

  • Videos on our site for Christopher Heyerdahl etc.
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The Trivia Question from last Week:


Trivia: who was the author of the novel ” I robot”?


The Justice League original movie.


Our Winner: @Peachey_Pie Isaac Asimov, that’s how you spell it.  My dad has the book

Honorable Mention: @Televixen Isaac Assimov. Harlan Ellison wrote the screenplay for iRobot based on Asimov’s work.

For our trivia question this week:

Question: Ernie Hudson guest – starred in heroes this past week as the cop who arrested Sylar.  Name two major genre movies he was in.

Prize: A signed Vanessa Angel print

If you know the answer, call us at 1.888.508.4343, e-mail us at, or contact @scifidiner on Twitter with your answers!

SciFi News:

Ten Minutes of Scifi TV:

Herne wanted us to talk about him.

Heroes shocker: Original cast member will die soon: If you still care..

For those of you still watching, there’s big news about NBC’s Heroes: Someone will die!

At least that’s what E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos reported:

Sources over on NBC’s Heroes confirm to me that a major death is in the works, and this is not one that will go unnoticed by even the most casual fan.

It is huge.

Who do you think its going to be?

‘Dollhouse’ and ‘Smallville’ Ratings Better Than First Thought

If you’re a fan of either Dollhouse or Smallville then you’ll be pleased to hear the DVR numbers are in and its good news.

Both shows received the largest gain in viewers out of all shows, with each adding a whopping 50% more viewers in the seven days after their episodes air.

Last Friday Dollhouse pulled 2.25 million viewers and Smallville pulled 2.3 million viewers.

The news brings with it Fox’s announcement that Dollhouse will, at least, see its entire second season out.

Dollhouse ratings for season 2 episode 3 2.25 million

Dollhouse – what a disturbing intro this past week.  Perhaps the best and most intriguing intro this season.  Mike Hogan! Although he disappears halfway through the episode? Lose end.  Next week… looks awesome.

The parallels to/symbolic of dollhouse and Terry’s fantasy

Stargate Universe grows, beats Dollhouse again: These were the best ratings for the Stargate franchise since 2005.

The second week of Stargate Universe did substantially better than the series premiere, according to Syfy, bucking the usual TV trend of shows dropping off after their debut episode. Universe showed a modest 4 percent growth in total viewers with just shy of 2.5 million people watching. But it made a huge gain of 22 percent among viewers ages 18-49 and 13 percent in the 25-54 age range.

The data include viewers who watched the show either live or on DVR the same day it aired. Those numbers will probably increase again when the “Live +7” data becomes available, which will show how many people watched it during the first week it aired.

Syfy said Universe once gain beat Fox’s struggling series Dollhouse head to head in total viewers as well as in the 18-49 and 25-54 age groups. Dollhouse finished the night with 2,235,000 million total viewers.

If you want to read other reviews of SGU, read Tricia Taylor’s review of SGU

FlashForward doing so well, ABC wants 9 more episodes: The series
picks up an additional viewers

Looks like FlashForward may have no problem making it to its predicted flash-forward future of April 2010 after all. The time-traveling series has been doing so well—even beating out the powerhouse Survivor in the ratings—that ABC has ordered nine more episodes, Variety reported today.

You can thank everyone who recorded it for that—new DVR numbers show that the series picks up an additional 2 million viewers when later playback is included. Those sorts of numbers were enough to increase the audience for the Sept. 24 premiere to 14.5 million viewers—making FlashForward the top new drama among 18-34-year-olds this season.

Sanctuary The second season premiere of Sanctuary joined Stargate Universe in a Friday night ratings surge, leaping 18 percent among adults ages 18-49 and 7 percent among adults 25-54 versus last year’s average, according to Syfy. The series grabbed nearly 1.9 million viewers (1.85) on Friday, Oct. 9, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Ten Minutes in SciFi Movies:

Jim Reifsneider wanted us to talk about them bringing back MST3000.  We talk about how that would work and if that would work.

Why you’ve never seen an Independence Day sequel: $$$

Why has Fox never made a sequel to its surprise $800 million hit Independence Day? In typical Hollywood fashion, it all boils down to deals and money, at least according to ID4 co-writer/director Roland Emmerich, who explained it this way to

Dean Devlin and I are still set to make a sequel likely because we’ve found some sort of idea and we approached Fox and Fox has not quite figured out how to incorporate Dean’s and my deal, and Will’s (Smith’s) deal. Will wants to do it in some sort of a package they can live with. So it’s just been in negotiations now since forever, and naturally Fox says “Why don’t you do it without Will Smith?” I said Will is essential for us, for this movie and actually for the audience too.

If the deal stuff can be figured out, Emmerich says he’d love to do ID4 2 and added that he and writer/producer Dean Devlin even have “a very cool” story for it. We say come on, Fox, get it together. In the 13 years since ID4 came out, movie ticket prices have increased more than 60 percent, meaning an ID4 sequel could easily pass the $1 billion mark. Surely there’s enough money to go around?

Ron Moore calls tech “meaningless”: Learn the secret formula to writing for Trek.

At his recent keynote speech at the New York Television Festival, former Star Trek writer and creator of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica Ron Moore revealed the secret formula to writing for Trek.

He described how the writers would just insert “tech” into the scripts whenever they needed to resolve a story or plot line, then they’d have consultants fill in the appropriate words (aka technobabble) later.

“It became the solution to so many plot lines and so many stories,” Moore said. “It was so mechanical that we had science consultants who would just come up with the words for us and we’d just write ‘tech’ in the script. You know, Picard would say ‘Commander La Forge, tech the tech to the warp drive.’ I’m serious. If you look at those scripts, you’ll see that.”

We asked Star Trek novelist Dayton Ward if he agreed.

Star Trek novelist Dayton Ward told us: Nope, dont disagree with him. I never worry about it when writing Trek stuff. I can fill in the blanks later. 🙂

Raimi Confirms Robert Rodat Writing ‘Warcraft’ Film

The Spider-Man director has now confirmed that he’s snared Saving Private Ryan writer Robert Rodat to pen the screenplay.

Raimi also expanded on what fans can expect from the film, adding that Rodat’s job will be to create an original story that leverages off the games key mythology and characters.

“We want to be really faithful to the game,” Raimi told MTV. “We would have our writer, Robert Rodat, really craft an original story within that world that feels like a World of WarCraft adventure. Only obviously it’s very different ’cause it’s expanded and translated into the world of a motion picture.”

2011 release

One Million Demand ‘Paranormal Activity’

Paramount Pictures has decided to release Paranormal Activity nationwide after more than one million people around the US demanded the film play in their city at

“From the very beginning, we put this film in the hands of the fans and we trusted them to tell us where and when it should be seen. We couldn’t be more thrilled by their overwhelming support and we are happy to release the film in every town – big and small,” said Rob Moore, Vice Chairman of Paramount Pictures.

Paranormal Activity will begin rolling out nationwide on Friday, October 16th.

We’ll put trailer in the show notes.

McKellen says which actors are in (and out) of Hobbit.

Ian McKellen is expected to reprise his Lord of the Rings role of Gandalf in director Guillermo del Toro’s Hobbit movies, and though nothing’s official yet, the actor told Empire magazine that he doubts many of his Rings co-stars will appear.

“Unfortunately, there won’t be many of the actors going back,” he told the magazine. “Unless they’re going to put masks on and be disguised as dwarves! Andy Serkis is, at the moment, I think, the only other actor who’s doing this film.”

Serkis, of course, played Gollum in the Rings movies, and it’s hard to imagine any other actor taking on the iconic role.

Other Rings actors who are likely to appear in the prequel films include Hugo Weaving as Elrond. Again, nothing’s official yet.

Will a Millennium movie happen without Chris Carter?

Lance Henriksen, the veteran sci-fi character actor perhaps best known for playing former FBI profiler Frank Black in the ’90s TV series Millennium, has been talking about a feature-film follow-up/sequel for years and has reportedly been approached by investors interested in mounting an independent production, though Fox owns the rights.

Now comes news, via ScreenRant, that Fox itself may be considering a new independent movie based on the Chris-Carter-created show, with Henriksen but without Carter (who also created The X-Files and co-wrote and directed last year’s flop The X-Files: I Want to Believe).

Not sure how a movie would work: The millennial changeover has come and gone, and basing a film on that would be kind of like calling a movie “Y2K.” But Henriksen remains a great screen presence, and it would be nice to see him glowering as Frank Black one last time.

Ten Minute in SciFi DVD/Video:

Futurama – The Futurama Complete Collection:

Comic Con Exclusive includes all four volumes of Futurama, as well as 4 feature-length adventures: Bender´s Big Score, The Beast With A Billion Backs, Bender´s Game, Into the Wild Green Yonder all contained in a limited edition collectible Bender Head with a numbered letter from Matt Groening and David X. Cohen.

1989 minutes

129 dollars

Legend of the Seeker: The Complete First Season (2008)

Experience every episode of the fantastic first season, and discover how LEGEND OF THE SEEKER comes to life with exclusive, behind-the-scenes bonus features. TV’s most magical series is even more spellbinding on DVD!

Bonus Features Include: Deleted Scenes, Forging The Sword: Crafting A Legend Go Behind The Scenes Of Wizard’s First Rule On The New Zealand Set To See How The Show’s Fantasy World Is Brought To Life, Words Of Truth: A Conversation With Terry Goodkind Take An Intimate Journey With Author Terry Goodkind To See Where The Series Was Created, Audio Commentaries


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