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SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 47 – An Interview with Miracle Laurie (November/Mellie/Madeline from Dollhouse)

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Tonight’s Diners: Scott, Miles, & Mary The DVD Geeks Televixen

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On the menu tonight:

On this science fiction podcast, we interview Miracle Laurie from the cast of Dollhouse (she plays November/Mellie/Madeline).  She chats with us about what we have to look forward to these next three episodes, some favorite moments from the past two seasons, and much, much more.   Mary the DVD Geeks Televixen is here as well as we chat about our favorite moments.

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Show News:

The Show:

In our show, Mary, the DVD Geeks Televixen, Miles and I chatted about our favorite episodes of Dollhouse Season 2.  Episode 4 Belonging focused on Sierra, Episode 10 The Attic, and Episode 8 A Love Belonging were among out top ones.  We also talk about our favorite actors/actresses this season with Fran Kranz aka Topher, Dichen Lachman aka Seirra, Miracle Laurie (of course) aka Mellie/Madeline/November and Enver Gjokaj aka Victor.  We also discussed what we are hoping to see in the show’s final three episodes.

The Wrap

This week, Miracle Laurie gives her “SciFi Five in Five.” She shares her five favorite moments in and on Dollhouse.

If you would like to give us your SciFi five in five, send an mp3 or e-mail to us at We’ll play them at the end of the show.


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