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SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 59 – Our Interview With Science Fiction Author Richard C. White.

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On the menu tonight:

Tonight on menu, we serve up an interview with Richard C. White author of various writings in the Trek and Comic Book Universe. Listener feedback. We give away a signed print from Lee Arenberg in our trivia this week.  We’ll talk about LOTS clarifications, Fringes News, Batman 3 and Star Trek 12 news, Dr. Horrible BluRay, Flash Forward Thoughts, SyFys the Phantom, Starman Movie, Jonah Hex Trailer, and Slave Leia Bikini Car Wash    Miles gives us “This Week in Star Trek” what we’re calling TWIST. SciFi Five in Five by Richard C. White.

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Prize: A signed Lee Arenberg Pirate’s of the Caribbean print

Question: What Star Wars Episode 1 City was first mentioned in a Timothy Zahn novel?

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Tuning into SciFi TV

Lostcasting with Wayne and Dan

The Main Course:

TV News:

Legend of the Seeker Canceled: Kevin B UPDATE – all news via him – thanks…

Kevin says:

Rather than using my comment it might be better and easier to just
point to this posting from our blog…

Earlier today (Monday) Entertainment Weekly reporter Michael Ausiello posted the following on his blog…

Legend of the Seeker Canceled

Hey, fans of Legend of the Seeker: You know that 11th hour stay of execution you were hoping for? Well, you can stop hoping now — I’m hearing from multiple sources that the cult fave has been axed.

The outlook had been bleak since last March, when many of Tribune Station Group’s markets dropped the syndicated series, which had been developed from Terry Goodkind’s fantasy novels by Hercules/Xena producers Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert. ABC Studios, which produces it, kept shopping it around. But, I’m told, they found no takers. So, after two action-packed seasons, Legend is history.

Michael Ausiello is a very well respected and popular entertainment industry reporter who is usually accurate with his news items. However, please keep in mind that until we hear something official from ABC/Disney this report is just a well substantiated rumor.

We will be recording our regular weekly podcast later tonight and like most of you we’re waiting to find out exactly where things stand.


Legend of the Seeker producer Mike Sussman posted an important message on his Twitter account. Check out what it said here.

Bridget Regan also posted something on her Twitter account and you can see what she said here.

This is a very good post for those folks who haven’t watched the series…

Farewell, Legend Of The Seeker: A Eulogy
The search for the Stone of Tears may lead to actual weeping.

This has not been a good couple of years for fans of sci-fi and fantasy. Sadly, The Legend of the SeekerTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse in the ranks of shows that reached their second seasons only to be unjustly canceled just as they really started to work their mojo. now joins

LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Fans to Buy a “Thank You/Please Reconsider” Ad in
a Trade Publication

Flash Forward – Guais Balter the crazy man!

“FlashForward” …. Gabriel McDow (2 episodes, 2010)
Course Correction (2010)
The Garden of Forking Paths (2010)

SyFy just announced that our four-hour movie event of The Phantom will air on Sunday, June 20 from 7-11pm.Do we care?  Am I coming down too hard on Syfy?

Fringe interview with Leonard Nimoy (FINALE SPOILERS – click with caution!)

Awesome Leonard Nimoy totally spoils Fringe finale!


As Fox’s sci-fi series Fringe builds to the second-season finale, it looks like the pieces are falling together for a major resolution of the William Bell/Walter Bishop storyline, and guest star Leonard Nimoy offered us a preview of the fireworks in an interview.

We sat down with the 79-year-old acting legend with a couple of other reporters during a visit to the set of Fringe last month in Vancouver, Canada. Following is an edited version of our complete interview with Nimoy, with lots of spoilers! (The two-part season finale, “Over There,” airs May 13 and 20.)

Fringe airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

It seems like the last two seasons have pointed toward either a meeting with or confrontation with William Bell.

Nimoy: Very perceptive. (Laughs.)

And I’m not sure whether or not this season resolves the whole story involving William Bell or what he means to the main characters.

Nimoy: There will be a major confrontation. I’ll call it a confrontation between the two characters. We saw just a little snippet of it the last time I was here, where I was doing brain surgery on him. But now we will see, we will see them spend some time together in a dramatic setting, a dramatic situation where we will get some more information about their [relationship], an overview of their relationship. The past, what they were doing, what they were trying to do, how it has affected the universes, both universes. And, truthfully, they have feelings about each other now. They have stuff to work out with each other. In fact, there’s a moment I’ll tell you about where they start to get into it, and Olivia says, “Hey, work it out some other time.” (Laughs.) We have some other stuff to deal with, which is I think a terrific moment. We will see that. We’ll see it happen.


Will we see key scenes between William Bell and some of the other characters besides Walter?

Nimoy: We will see other characters with William Bell in this work, but essentially the character stuff will be between William Bell and Walter. The other stuff will have to do with the plot and action.

The show’s been picked up for a third season.

Nimoy: How about that? That’s great.

Does that mean that your character might return in the third season?

Nimoy: I have no idea about any future plans. I answer the phone, particularly when J.J. Abrams calls me. “OK, I have to answer the phone.” (Laughs.)

You alluded to some personal fighting between William and Walter. Would that have anything to do with relationships with possibly the same woman?

Nimoy: Possibly with women? Oh, what an interesting question. Wow, where did you get that? Is there some hint of that someplace?

Personally I have a theory. Nina might be a connecting link …

Nimoy: Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s interesting. It is, it’s interesting.

Is there anything about William Bell that you can identify with, or what aspects of him are you most fond of?

Nimoy: I don’t think I’m an awful lot like William Bell. William is kind of what we refer to in our culture as a master of the universe. A guy who has accomplished extraordinary things. He’s kind of the Paul Allen of those guys. Scientific genius as well as an extraordinarily successful businessman. A rare combination. I don’t fit that mold. … I’m a character actor, and I’m trying to find my way through this process. As an actor learning how to play this guy, we’ve developed little bits and pieces of him so far, and there will be more developed now. I can’t say that I actually relate to him. But I do understand, when I play the dialogue, I understand where he’s coming from. That’s a matter of, just kind of an intellectual understanding of what he’s dealing with.


In the April 1st episode, which we’ve seen, “Peter,” we see a younger Walter and we also see an alternate-universe Walter. Is there any suggestion of either a younger William Bell or an alternate one?

Nimoy: We will get some information in [the season finale] episode about the William Bell on this side, the younger William Bell on this side. There will be some information given.

And what about the alternate William Bell, or maybe there isn’t an alternate?

Nimoy: Well, that’s what I’m talking about. The alternate William Bell. On the side that William Bell is on now, there was an alternate William Bell. And we’ll find out what his story is all about in this episode. Am I clear about that? (Laughs.) Or am I definitely trying to confuse you? What am I trying to do here? I’m not trying to confuse. I’m doing the best I can. Fringe is a very complicated show, which is one of the things that makes it so successful. It’s intriguing, constantly intriguing. There’s no question you can answer in any definitive way that doesn’t lead to another question. (Laughs.) So that’s where we are. We’re having a good time. …

How many days are you working on this final episode?

Nimoy: A total of three or four days this week, and then I come back for another three or four days. … Much more involvement than in the past, yeah.

How do you feel your understanding of the character has evolved since that first meeting with Olivia to this now? What’s your grasp of William Bell now?

Nimoy: Good question. Again, my grasp of where William Bell is now is given to me by the dialogue on the pages in these two scripts. It’s the things that I say to people about myself as William Bell. It’s the things I tell them about myself. And always there seems to be this question about whether or not you believe what I’m telling people about myself. He says specifically to Olivia, “I know you have reason not to trust me.” I’ve said that to her before. “But you’re going to have to. So take your choice. Either way, away from me and go your own way, or listen to me and try to take something from what I’m saying that’s useful to you.” And I think that’s the fun of the character. We have to decide whether you want to trust him or not and see what evolves. These scripts give us a couple of twists and turns where we wonder if we’ve been had by William Bell, which is great.

Are we going to learn what motivates William Bell?

Nimoy: Yeah, I think you’ll get more about what he’s after.

In the “Peter” episode, we’ve seen Walter finding a cure for Peter. And William is just this interesting scientist, and he’s always off somewhere. I’m curious what drives him.

Nimoy: I think you’ll get more of that in these episodes, yeah. You’re right. There hasn’t been much of that. There’s been sort of situational stuff rather than motivational. But I think you’ll get some of that in these two episodes, yeah.


John Noble, who plays Walter Bishop, is an actor who …

Nimoy: John Noble is a fearsome actor. What else you want to say? (Laughs.) Fearsome. He’s also a very tall guy. OK, what?

What’s your interaction with him? Has it been fun playing these meaty scenes with him?

Nimoy: I’ve only played one very brief scene with him where he’s totally under control. He was on a gurney, and I’m about to operate on his brain. We don’t have to stand toe to toe on that one.

Walter and William have this rich backstory. How do you go about developing that kind of history with the actor?

Nimoy: Well, it’s different on the page. It’s on the page. We don’t make it up. It’s pretty clearly defined. Walter says his piece, and I say mine. And I say, “Hey, just a minute,” and I say, “What about you?” We have that kind of cross-examination of each other, and I think you’ll find it interesting. I hope you will.

The first-season finale had the twin towers. What was your response when you got that script and the reveal?

Nimoy: I thought that was very interesting and really kind of daring contemporary television to pull in that story. To pull that event into this TV story, I thought, was very innovative and daring, frankly. “Wow, that’s OK. This is serious.” … You know, it’s not easy to use that kind of stuff without seeming somehow exploitive. But I thought they did it very, very well.


Movie News:

Warner Bros. Developing A ‘Starman’ Movie?

Another DC superhero may take flight on the big screen.

According to Pajiba, Warner Bros. and Lin Productions may be collaborating on an adaptation of “Starman.” While the rumor is currently unconfirmed, the story states that the project is being produced by Daniel Lin (“Sherlock Holmes”) and Gregory Noveck (“Jonah Hex”).


The first Starman was created in 1941 by artist Jack Burnley along with editors Whit Ellsworth, Murray Boltinoff, Jack Schiff, Mort Weisinger, and Bernie Breslauer. While the rumor doesn’t state which version of Starman would be featured in the film, it does say that the character used will “wield a gravity rod, have energy powers, and likely be able to fly.”

Over the nearly 70 years since the first appearance of Starman, there have been several DC characters to use that name. The first was Ted Knight — a founding member of JSA who recently made a cameo in the “Absolute Justice” episode of “Smallville.”

Knight was followed by Mikaal Tomas, a blue-skinned alien prince who used the Starman name as he defended the Earth against his war-like people in the ’70s, Will Payton — the Starman throughout most of the ’80s, Prince Gavyn, another alien prince whose exploits took place in outer space and the current Starman, who was featured in the “Justice Society” ongoing series.

However, the most popular incarnation to date is James Robinson’s “Starman” from the ’90s, which featured Jack Knight — the son of the original Starman — who was thrust into the role following the murder of his brother. Jack Knight’s struggle to maintain a normal life while eschewing traditional superhero trappings (like wearing a bright costume) helped the series find a fan following and established Robinson’s “Starman” as one of the most “human” superheroes in the entire DC universe.

JONAH HEX: Official Trailer Is Online!

Now the trailer itself for the film starring Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and John Malkovich has made it’s way online and you can check it out below.  BROYLES is in it!


“Batman 3” set for July 20th 2012 – two weeks after new Spidey, three weeks after Star Trek 2


Warner Bros. Pictures has announced a July 20th 2012 release date for the upcoming third “Batman” feature following on from 2005’s “Batman Begins” and 2008’s “The Dark Knight”.

The date is no major surprise – ‘Dark Knight’ opened July 18th 2008 while director Chris Nolan’s upcoming thriller “Inception” opens July 16th this year and both are day-and-date international releases which the next “Batman” is extremely likely to be. Warners didn’t confirm that Nolan was returning with the announcement, only the date itself was revealed.

The July 20th date puts the opening two weeks after Sony’s “Spider-Man” reboot on July 3rd and three weeks after Paramount’s “Star Trek” sequel on June 29th. Marvel’s high-profile “The Avengers” also opens earlier that Summer on May 4th.

IESB added to the report indicating that the studio’s planned upcoming “Superman” reboot is targeting a Christmas 2012 release and adds a more dubious but interesting claim of tying in it, “Green Lantern” and the existing Nolan “Batman” films much like Marvel is doing with “The Avengers”.


DVD News

DR. HORRIBLE Comes To Blu-Ray In Glorious High Definition

Here is the low down on what special features are included in the Blu-Ray edition:

  • Cast and crew commentaries
  • “Commentary! The Musical” (Quite possibly one of the best commentaries on any DVD!)
  • Behind-the-scenes featurettes
  • Evil League of Evil video applications submitted by fans
  • Three Easter eggs: blooper reel, rehearsal footage, and interviews with the members of the Evil League of Evil

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” is forty-two minutes of musical genius with a whopping ninety-two minutes of special features! Buy it on Blu-Ray (pre-order for $13.99) or if you’d rather, the DVD version sells for $10.99.

Misc News.

From Kevin – Everything That’s Right In The World: A Slave Leia Bikini Carwash For Charity

Ummm ok….8^)



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Bones as admiral nice touch – DeForest Kelly

Welsey son enters the bridge
The jelly fish at Farpoint…
Shuttle craft bones comment — the fact that he wouldn’t use the transporter
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Girl on girl action – fight

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