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SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 63 – Our Interview with Leo Roberts, Creator and Producer of Star Trek Phoenix

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Tonight’s Diners: Scott, Miles, and Chris (from Subspace Communique)

Welcome to the Diner.


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On the menu tonight: What do you want on the menu?

Tonight on menu, we serve up an interview with Leo Roberts, founder of Temporal Studios and writer of the new Fan Series Star Trek Phoenix. Tons of listener feedback. Announce the winner of our signed Lost print. In news we discuss the Flash Forward Season and Series Finale and why some people thought it failed. The Stargate Universe Finale and what we are looking forward to. We’re Abrams fans but are we ready for an Alias Reboot? Guillermo Del Toro QUITS The Hobbit: what does that mean? There’s a Logan Run remake in the works, and Neuromancer is finally getting made into a movie. True Blood Season 2 is out on DVD this week. Miles brings you This Week in Star Trek and Jen from New York gives her top five SciFi finales in the SciFi Five in Five.

The Interview:

We were treated last year with a new Star Trek movie that renergized the franchise & for many of you it’s leaving you with wanting more. If your looking for some new & exciting Star Trek, I’m delighted to tell you won’t have to wait until 2012 for the new Star Trek movie. You can go online & watch Star Trek: Phoenix. An exciting webisode which many are saying is the most professionally done independent fan film effort ever produced.

Star Trek: Phoenix is a Seattle-based fan series inspired by Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek and produced
by Temporal Studios.  The series takes place more than 40 years in the future after the events of the
film, Star Trek: Nemesis. The series focuses on the adventures of the crew of the USS Phoenix, an
Ascension Class starship designated as NCX-101138.

The Phoenix is 1400 meters long and boasts a crew of more than 10,000 Starfleet officers and personnel
representing other Federation Military branches. She is a hybrid design featuring a never-before-seen
partial fusion of Federation and Romulan technology and is the largest Federation Starship seen to date
in Star Trek.

Star Trek: Phoenix began as a seed of an idea in the mind of Sr. Executive Producer Leo Roberts, who
wanted to create a fan series that builds upon the world of Star Trek and its universal story throughout
the decades. It was launched by Roberts through his production company, Temporal Studios.

You can find out more about Star Trek Phoenix here.


Show News/Listener Feedback:

  • Our Facebook fan page is up to 79. Thank you for joining our fan page.
  • The Real Kahless for his iTunes review
  • On the top 5 crashes in SciFi:
    * Cait from Twitter: Matrix helicopter crash!
    * Herne: Liquid nitrogen truck in Terminator?
    I Think I was thinking Space Ships.
  • WoollyMittens: The best show to enjoy during a 20 hour flight? Your guess: 🙂 exceptional ep. I adored Mira and B5 is awesome
  • Jen in New York for her SciFi in Five which we will be playing at the end of the show. Thanks. We’ll read part of her e-mail here.

Hi guys!

I wanted to write in and share My Scifi Five in Five and also some of the shows I like.

I like Merlin! And it’s too bad that maybe the SyFy ch, couldn’t save the Seeker show. Cause maybe Merline is too close to it?! But there is always channel’s like, the USA network or TNT? Here’s to holding out for a hero!

Another show I’m looking forward to seeing is, “Warehouse 13” I really liked that show when that came out! And I also look forward to the crossover the show is supposed to have with, “Eureka”! That was an ok show too. And I also really liked, “Sanctuary”! Another show that looks interesting is a show called, “Haven” I think it is. I always like a show that is thought provoking like that. & Pretty Little Liar’s, too look’s interesting for ABC family!

And as for NBC, I look forward to seeing, “The Cape” starring Summer Glau. CBS, I’ll probably just see how the pilot goes for the new, “Hawaii Five-O” is, since it does have the guy who played Jin on Lost in it. And then there’s, “Bleep, My Dad Say’s”, I can’t even say the full title of the show lol, starring William Shatner. It probably will be funny! Since it kind of reminds me of, an Archie Bunker type character! Lol But I’m surprirsed they passed that title thru the networks?! Unless they change it before it airs?! And I also love, “The Big Bang Theory”! It’s sad how I can relate to those guy’s, although I’m not the nerdy type, just more like the Jack O’Neil type Geek! If that’s such a thing?! Where I need the techno-babble spelled out in english for me! Lol.

And ABC has, “No Ordinary Family” another superhero type show that sounds interesting enough. Fox has that Terra Nova show by Spielberg I’ll give it a try see how that is too! “The Defenders”, sound like an interesting show.

Anyway, sorry if this email ran a bit long. But there are alot of show’s I like to watch! Lol. I won’t blame u if u want to edit anything u like! But I enjoy listening to your podcast! I like the fact that u guy’s talk about everything and anything make’s it interesting! bye 4 now,


This Week’s Trivia:

Prize: A signed Mira Furlan Danielle Rousseau on Lost print

Question: Who is Wyatt Miller and what does he have to do with Heroes?

Answer: Wyatt Miller, a character on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” portrayed by Robert Knepper who played Samuel Sullivan on Heroes

Congratz! Valerie L. from Stockton, Ca

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Subspace Communique

The Main Course:

TV News:

Flash Forward 1 hour series and season Finale
* Thoughts?

We had a poll out: Which show did you like better: Flash Forward or V?
69% said Flash Forward

SCIFI Wire Ran this poll

Which sci-fi season finale was your favorite?
Legend of the Seeker 43088 votes
Fringe 10268 votes
FlashForward 6927 votes
Chuck 3807 votes
Smallville 1441 votes
Lost 1031 votes
Supernatural 584 votes
V 236 votes
Other (tell us about it below) 131 votes
The Vampire Diaries 92 votes
Medium 13 votes
Ghost Whisperer 7 votes
5 reasons why Flash Forward deserved to fail

In the end, we didn’t need a flash-forward to see it coming, and I’m not talking about how the finale went down. ABC’s FlashForward started off all filled with our hope and expectations—and to the tune of 12.5 million viewers watching. However, fewer than 5 million people tuned in for the final episode, “Future Shock.” In many ways it was a very sad ending for the series.

The image of Mark Benford standing on top of a wrecked car, shocked at the sight of a city that’s been rocked by SOMETHING, is one I’ll always remember. It was powerful stuff. And then, like a slowly peeling onion, FlashForward spun out its characters and story and … it just didn’t work very well.

As put it, “I looked forward to this show when it premiered last Fall. The pilot had a unique story with a quirky, scifi quality to it. ABC was hyping it as the next Lost. While that may have been a lot to live up to, FlashForward always had potential for greatness. Unfortunately we never saw it. By midway through the season the story seemed to lose its focus. The four month break was probably the nail in its coffin.”

Even ABC admitted, “In the end, FlashForward didn’t engage audiences like we hoped,” said ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson. “A huge part of rebuilding the network is about taking chances. Some shows just don’t work out.”

No, some shows just don’t work out. And here’s five reasons I feel why FlashForward failed to engage audiences and deserved to be canceled.

1. The story didn’t have enough focus.

“The show’s main overarching plotline never quite congealed,” wrote’s Darren Franich, although he called it a weird and wonderful show.

“So that was FlashForward, huh? Oh, well. At least no one can accuse it of going out with a whimper. The last ten minutes of ‘Future Shock’ were a rockum sockum shoot ’em up that totally made me overlook most of the malarky that this series was trying to pass off as cleverness,” wrote’s Matt Fowler.

Commenters and reviewers across the net loved the show’s potential and railed at its failure to bring its story together in a way that made us care about the characters. I spent 22 hours watching the 21 episodes of FlashForward. As a viewer it wasn’t my job to care about the characters and their story. It was the writers’ and producers’ job to MAKE me care about the characters and their story.

2. There were too many characters who made stupid decisions or didn’t have enough to do.

Think about it. How many characters will you actually miss? I’ll miss Demetri, Simon and Janis. That’s about it. Yes, it was touching to see Bryce and Keiko finally meet in the finale, but they were missing from the storyline completely for episodes and I barely noticed. Aaron was another character whose story seemed to be just tacked on.

One person I certainly won’t miss is Mark Benford, and how sad is that, when you don’t care about the lead character? If he had been set up initially as a character who had to change the future to keep his wife and/or child from dying, then yes … he’s the next Jack Bauer and he can make any mistake or bad decision and we’re there with him. But Mark never seemed to care about his family enough to fight for it.

Did you ever buy Demetri’s decision not to escape with Zoey long before his death date, or Olivia and Lloyd as a couple, or Demetri’s decision to sleep with Janis so she could get pregnant, or Lloyd admitting to the public that he caused the blackout, or Janis’ decision to become a double (triple) agent and still get pregnant?

“Being a FlashForward fan became the TV equivalent of being stuck in a bad marriage, like watching the person you love make bad decisions and not being able to do anything but stick with them until you ended up in divorce court,” stated’s Leonard Pierce.

3. There were too many captains on a ship with no leader.

Trouble behind the scenes can often cause problems with a show and sometimes blur the vision when it comes to what the story is actually about. FlashForward was created by David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga. If I’m counting right, the series had Goyer and four other show runners. Eventually Goyer went off to do other things.

No, we don’t know what really went on behind the scenes or in the writers’ room, but all the changes in leadership could not have helped.

4. ABC made the decision to take the show off the air for four months.

While ABC now is getting nailed for canceling the show, it really should be blamed for pulling the series off the air for months in the middle of its run.

“With a show that started off with so much promise, it really hit a few snags along the way. Most fans did not understand why there was such a long break between November and March and for a show that relied heavily on story-flow and intricate details, that four month break meant that most of us could not remember what had happened by the time the show came back on in 2010,” wrote Amy Judd of

Any momentum the series had was gone, and even though the series returned with an excellent episode, the two-hour “Revelation Zero,” the damage had been done.

5. FlashForward ended in a cliffhanger.

What I do expect, however, is for the producers and writers to take responsibility and give us a satisfying conclusion, especially when a show’s ratings have started to slip before the unfortunate hiatus. It wasn’t like cancellation was a shocking conclusion here.

Joss Whedon regularly gave us satisfying endings with Buffy the Vampire Slayer because he always felt like every year might be that show’s last season. It didn’t stop him from spinning in some story threads for a new season, if there was one. And if Buffy had ended early, we wouldn’t have needed 12 more episodes to wind things up.

FlashForward had 22 hours to give us an ending, and yet was anyone shocked to see the final moments of the series end with another flash-forward and lead character Mark Benford exploding (or not)? Why couldn’t this series have followed in the footsteps of 24 and given us a complete story? While I’m certainly not shocked that there was a cliffhanger, I blame the writers and producers for leaving us in an unsatisfying place.

So, long FlashForward…

– 68% said Flash Forward was a much better show; 32% were for V

SGU Finale – This week:  What are we hoping for?

J.J. Abrams and ABC want to reboot Alias

It looks like one J.J. Abrams spy series—NBC’s Undercovers—might not be enough for him on TV this fall. Apparently, ABC is in talks with Abrams about rebooting his earlier TV spy venture, Alias, according to’s Kristin Dos Santos.

The new series would have some elements of the original that propelled Jennifer Garner to stardom. However, they’d skip the intricate mythology involving the Rambaldi prophecy.

While the discussion is only in its very initial stages, according to Dos Santos’s ABC insider source, they believe that ABC is looking to hold onto its Lost audience, especially now that that series ended and FlashForward was cancelled.

Spies are an especially hot genre right now. Beyond NBC’s Chuck and USA’s Burn Notice, there are two new series, NBC’s Undercovers and the CW’s Nikita.

Alias premiered on ABC in 2001 and ran for five years, averaging about 8 to 10 million viewers, except in its final year when it captured just under 7 million viewers.

Are you excited about the thought of rebooting Alias—or do you think Hollywood has run out of original ideas? Who would you like to see star in a new version?

Movie News:

SHOCK: Guillermo Del Toro QUITS The Hobbit movies!

It seems like getting the Hobbit movies done continues to be far more difficult than it should be, given how many people want to see them (and how big the resulting box-office money would be). After numerous delays (summed up nicely in Wikipedia), it seemed like the movies were finally on track until TheOneRing.Net dropped this bombshell:
Guillermo Del Toro announced today that he is no longer directing the two movies based on J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, but will continue to co-write the screenplays. Out of respect to the legions of loyal Tolkien fans, both Guillermo and Peter Jackson wanted to break the news to The One Ring first. They are both committed to protecting The Hobbit and will do everything in their power to ensure the films are everything that the fans want them to be.

Del Toro told the site:
“In light of ongoing delays in the setting of a start date for filming “The Hobbit,” I am faced with the hardest decision of my life”, says Guillermo. “After nearly two years of living, breathing and designing a world as rich as Tolkien’s Middle Earth, I must, with great regret, take leave from helming these wonderful pictures. I remain grateful to Peter, Fran and Philippa Boyens, New Line and Warner Brothers and to all my crew in New Zealand. I’ve been privileged to work in one of the greatest countries on earth with some of the best people ever in our craft and my life will be forever changed. The blessings have been plenty, but the mounting pressures of conflicting schedules have overwhelmed the time slot originally allocated for the project. Both as a co-writer and as a director, I wish the production nothing but the very best of luck and I will be first in line to see the finished product. I remain an ally to it and its makers, present and future, and fully support a smooth transition to a new director”.

Jackson also weighed and talked about how Del Toro would be missed but added “New Line and Warner Bros will sit down with us this week, to ensure a smooth and uneventful transition, as we secure a new director for the Hobbit. We do not anticipate any delay or disruption to ongoing pre-production work.”

The movies are allegedly still on track for December 2012 and 2013 releases.

Logan’s Run Remake in the works.

Remember that Logan’s Run remake? It’s back on!: A long-in-development remake of the 1976 SF classic Logan’s…

A long-in-development remake of the 1976 sci-fi classic Logan’s Run is FINALLY back on track with the addition of a new director for the project, according to the Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog.

Carl Rinsch is the name now attached to direct the movie, which is being produced by Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman. Silver told reporters last weekend during press interviews for Splice, which he also produced, that he was still eager to remake Logan’s Run. A script has been around for a while, although a new one will probably be written if the movie goes forward again.

If Rinsch’s name sounds familiar, that’s because he was at one time a candidate to direct the upcoming Alien prequel until Ridley Scott decided to make that picture himself. Rinsch is one of the hottest directors of commercials around (he’s done a lot of ad work for Ridley and Tony Scott’s company) and has been wanting to make the jump into feature films for a while.

A recent SF-themed short he made for Phillips Electronics, called The Gift, was impressive enough that several studios wanted to turn that into a feature itself. Although that fell through because Phillips owns the rights, it was good enough to get Rinsch on the radar for Logan’s Run.

The original Logan’s Run, based on the book by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, takes place in a future society where everyone must die at the age of 30. Michael York starred as Logan, a Sandman, whose job it is to execute those “runners” who do not voluntarily turn themselves in on their 30th birthdays. But Logan himself goes on the run in search of a mythical hideaway called Sanctuary. The age limit in the original novel was 21, and Silver has said that the new film will revert back to that.

X-Men director Bryan Singer was going to direct the remake a few years back, but he put it aside to focus on 2006’s Superman Returns. Other directors who have run the project through the development mill include James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) and Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy).

Do you think Logan’s Run is ripe for remaking?


Greatest sci-fi novel ever* to FINALLY be filmed

* Some people consider William Gibson’s Neuromancer—about a hacker going on missions in cyberspace and dealing with artificial intelligence—the greatest science fiction novel ever. In 1984, that was groundbreaking stuff. The novel inspired movies like Ghost in the Shell and The Matrix, and it won the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award and the Philip K. Dick Award.

Now that it’s 2010, you might think that online hacking and AI are old news, but one filmmaker thinks it’s finally time to bring Neuromancer to the big screen. Vincenzo Natali, writer-director of Splice, has written a screenplay.

“I think now is the right time for Neuromancer,” Natali said in a group interview on May 22 in Hollywood, where he was promoting Splice. “Some people say that you can’t do Neuromancer now because The Matrix and other films borrowed so heavily from that book. My argument is no, that’s a good thing, because the book has so many ideas that are so abstract that it’s only after those films that you could really get into the meat of it.”

The Matrix explained how a computer world could appear like our everyday life, and how skilled hackers could download kung fu. If you like that, Neuromancer goes even further.

“There are ideas in the book that have not been explored in any film that I think are really intriguing,” Natali continued. “Neuromancer is about evolving our consciousnesses.”

Studios have tried to develop Neuromancer films before, but Natali thinks he’s the one who’s finally going to do it. He even ran his ideas by Gibson himself.

“It’s a hard book to translate, but I have to confess, I think I know exactly how to do it,” Natali said. “I had a very good conversation with William Gibson about it. The secret lies in the end. The book is a hard nut to crack because there’s a lot going on in it. I don’t think anyone is able to bring all the disparate pieces together, but I think I have a way to do it. Maybe I’m being foolish. Maybe I’m being naive. We’ll find out.”

One thing Natali can promise is: NO KEANU REEVES. Sorry, dude, you had your day as the cyberpunk. “I hate to say it, but Keanu Reeves is far too old, because Case, the character in the book, is supposed to be 24 years old.”

So what do you think? Is Natali finally the guy to get the project made and do Neuromancer right?

DVD News:

True Blood: The Complete Second Season (HBO Series)


(Saw this on Subspace Communique.) Rachel Weisz Would Love To Be In A Star Trek Sequel

Known for a true gambit of film types and genres, Rachel Weisz has been everything from Mummy hunter to rumored Bond Girl in the next Danial Craig, James Bond film. She’s also slated to play the former First Lady in a Jackie O. biopic. According to an interview with, Rachel has a healthy interest in possibly starring in the next J.J. Abrams’s installment of “Star Trek”. To us, that sounds like an interesting prospect. Just one word of advice when mentioning our favorite Vulcan though; drop the “Dr.” from “Dr. Spock”.

Collider: Anything potentially on the horizon that you’re looking at, you’re like, “You know what? I would love to do that series.” Like all these different comic book adaptations that are happening. That you go-

RW: Yeah. You know what? I loved Star Trek. I mean, I couldn’t even believe how great, I meant to write (Star Trek director) J.J. Abrams a letter. I haven’t written it yet, though. I just thought- Didn’t you think it was tremendous?

Collider: Yeah.

RW: I just thought it was tremendous.

Collider: And it worked on several different levels. It worked, not just artistically, but also commercially. And it was accessible to people who weren’t necessarily fans of (the series).

The Sci Fi 5 at 5.

From Jen in New York

I’ve been listening to your podcast for awhile, and have been wanting to write in for awhile now! And I wanted to give my 5 for 5 season finale’s of certain favorite show’s I like to watch!

1. “Supernatural”! I absolutely LOVE this show! Even though I don’t normally like anything too scary, but this show is not about that, it’s more about the relationship between the two brother’s that’s compelling! & make’s me keep coming back for more.

2. Fringe is my second show, it’s funny cause I was kind of on and off with this show for awhile there, cause I really couldn’t get into it. I liked the cast & thought Peter was cute. But what got me back into this show was the fact that I had read that they were actually going to have their own musical episode! And so I thought wow, cool. So I actually started watching it from the episode, “Peter”, which I thought was a really good one! That was 5 ep’s back from “Brown Betty”, which I was like, they must have been smoking the same thing Walter was in the episode when they wrote this one! Wasn’t up to the same par as the Xena: Warrior Princess & or Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s musical episodes when they had one! That’s for sure! But I loved seeing, Leonard Nimoy in the show! He’s always good, and I thought he was going to say, “Live Long & Prosper” to Walter at the end of the season finale when he was going to sacrifice himself to be the doorstop so they could get out! But it’s funny if it wasn’t for the fact of listening to these podcast’s I would never have realized that that was our Olivia that was left behind in the cell block their! So that should make an interesting season opener next season if Peter has to go back and rescue her now?! I look forward to that!

3. I hate the fact that critic’s were soooo hard on the series, “Flash Forward” I really liked it. Sure it was crazy, but what show isn’t these day’s! But I thought it was really interesting, and the character’s stories intriguing. I especially loved Bryce’s story with Keiko! And I was glad at least they had a chance to find each other in the end. And they did leave alot of thing’s wide open, so I wonder if they do that on purpose or if they didn’t know they weren’t coming back yet?! But at least we got to see a couple of people’s flash forwards come to fruition instead of not! Just like also Nicole who we thought was going to be killed or something as it turned out the guy was only trying to save her. But and also as much as I like the actor Dominic Monaghan, from Lord of the Ring’s, & Lost & this show, it must be hard for him I’m sure that he doesn’t think of himself as a jinx being on two show’s that were cancelled. I thought they were both successful, both criticized & yet had him in both. Coincidental, maybe?! Lol.

4. Speaking of Lost, I was kind of disappointed in the ending of the series! I was really holding out that they all would have been abducted by aliens and that they were all in a comatose state and that was them in that light. That, that was why that they couldn’t go down their cause otherwise they would have all died, or at least that could have been the excuse the alien’s gave them to stay away from that light! That would have been alot more interesting! Than the ending they gave us! Now what’s confusing to me about it all was that they weren’t all dead when they plane crashed?! Or maybe they were like Jimmy Kimbel even said on his show at the point where Jack was in the airplane and the lady said it was ok for him to “Let go”, that that’s where he died?! And it was all about his finally realizing that he had to accept his fate?! Dumb. That was more of a cop out ending if I ever saw one! I was always on and off with this series too, especially after they killed off Charlie the first time! Lol. And it was funny I actually liked their lives in the flash sideway’s better than on the island at least they got to be somewhat happy in the end their! And I loved how Jin & Sun went down in the sub, was a way better end than the Titanic was, with Jack & Rose! Ugh.

5. And then there is, “V”! At first I was a little worried when they said they were going to remake the old 1983 series that I grew up with and absolutely loved back then! But when I finally saw the new one, I was thrilled that it was doing really well! And I was enjoying the way how the advertisements were how they were having it like Anna was talking to us, that sort of thing! And I love that they made Erica a strong female character! And I love the rest of the cast of the resistance too! The only one’s I find annoying so far is Tyler & Chad. I’m hoping that Chad & even Lisa will turn to the 5th Column eventually! Cause they definately need more member’s on the resistance side! Although I wonder how they are going to resolve all that red dust in the sky?! Unless the only thing I can think of that could happen is that the alien ships that are coming could possibly be another alien race that are enemy to Anna’s “V’s” and that they have a vacuum that could suck all that red dust out of the sky, u know like as in “Spaceballs”! Lol.

6. But really this thing u guy’s have should really be 10 of 10, cause there are sooo many show’s that I do like to watch!, But the show that would be last on my list to watch is, “Stargate Universe”! I was a huge fan and still am of the Stargate show’s, starting with, SG-1, and Atlantis! But this one is a lot different than the others! I know they were trying to make it alot darker too than the others! And to me, it just seems too much like how, “Lost in Space”, where they have the Dr. Smith character in Dr. Rush. And plus, so far I haven’t seen that stand out character that was like, O’Neil and or Sheppard which were really the Hero type! I thought maybe Scott would be, but not so much so far! The only one’s I really like is Eli and I’m sure they want to show that gee it’s alot harder to meet somebody when your stranded on a spaceship with a slight chance of maybe never getting home?! So it’s alot darker and depressing a lot of the times! But I still watch in hopes that I might find a glimmer of hope in the show, and I also do like seeing the cameo’s of the old SG1 crew like in the most recent episode!

7. And then there’s also, “Smallville”, I’ve been a huge fan of this show too! But kind of glad that it’s finally coming to an end soon. Cause as much as I’ve loved this show, it has had it’s slow moment’s! And I am just dying to see, Tom Welling in the suit, maybe if we actually get a chance to see him in it! I know we had gotten a glimpse of the big giant, “S” in his vision and when he wears the black outfit! But I also wish a couple of thing’s, that they could continue a spin off series out of this show something like the, “Justice League” would be kind of cool, if they could do it right! And glad that Chloe will still be apart of the show just not a main star, just as a recurring character! And even if they do kill her at the end I would be OK with it if they either made her into Dr. Fate to save her life, or that she would switch soul’s with Lois, in that would make her Clark’s soul-mate in the end! That would be awesome for that character!

8. And then there was,” Legend of the Seeker”, I was really sadden by the fact that the CW canceled that show! And I’m hoping in the fact still that the fan’s will win in the end that maybe some other network will pick up this show! Cause like I said earlier that some of my favorite older show’s were Xena: Warrior Princess & Hercules Legendary journey’s & it was by the same creator Sam Raimi & Rob Tapert were the same people that brought us those shows! Like as in the show summary say’s, Hope has a warrior! You got to love that! It’s a shame that the network people don’t appreciate a good scifi action show like this one is! They kept beating it around the bush. And I just hope the fan’s will win out in the end and save it!

Jen from New York!

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