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SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 65 – Our Interview with Larry Doyle, Author of the Novel Go Mutants!

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On the menu tonight: What do you want on the menu?

Tonight we bring you our interview with author and script writer Larry Doyle from Go Mutants! We also share some listener feedback and Star Wars Trivia with the chance to win four, mind you, FOUR Smart Pop books!  We of course share our thoughts on the Stargate Universe Finale, the True Blood season 3 Premiere, Battlestar Galactica Online, the A-Team Movie, the latest news regarding the X-men Origin movie, The Hobbit Movie, Summer Glau News, and Nazis.  Miles talks about Star Trek 12 and Patrick Stewart in his This Week In Star Trek segment and then wraps up the show with his top five fight scenes in Science Fiction in the SciFi Five in Five.

The Interview:

Doyle has wandered through a checkered writing career that has seen him reporting on the early AIDS epidemic and the Challenger explosion, doing comic strips and editing magazines, writing for the best television show of all time, and scripting extremely expensive movies that lose gobs of money. He currently makes his living writing screenplays and writes for magazines whenever he can afford it.

He has written two novels: I Love You, Beth Cooper, and Go, Mutants!, both of which are available for purchase.

Doyle lives in Baltimore with his wife Becky, their three children and one dog, until it dies, and then no more dogs, according to the wife. The wife’s sister is married to Campbell McGrath, the famous poet who won a MacArthur Super Genius Grant, and once hit his brother-in-law in the face with an oar and then wrote a poem about it.

In 2008, Doyle also won an award, which while no fucking genius grant, was a pretty darn good one.

Go Mutants!

In a melting-pot society populated by the aliens and humans of 1950s space-invader movies, a brooding blue rebel with a giant brain grapples with prejudice and hormones in that most horrific of earthly battlegrounds—high school.

J!m, the hero of the second book (I Love You, Beth Cooper, 2007) by ex-Simpsons writer Doyle, is the son of the most despised and mythologized alien leader of all, a disarmament-preaching supervillain who’s said to have died years before, impaled on the Washington Monument. In the aftermath, J!m’s mom, sultry, downy-furred Miw, is making ends meet by serving cocktails to the kinky mutant-curious in a strip club. And tongue-tied J!m is infatuated with his lifelong human friend Marie, daughter of the neighborhood mad scientist, incompetent Dr. Rand, who is kvetched at constantly by his wife, a severed head who wants him to acquire for her the new body he’s promised for years. At Manhattan High (Go, Mutants!), J!m is besieged by sadistic coaches, skeptical teachers and well-connected bullies with fast cars and designs on his girlfriend. Meanwhile, human distrust and intolerance of the mutants in their midst is worsening, and all it will take to set off this powder keg is…well, the literally explosive changes that mark J!m’s puberty might just do it, in which case saving the day will be up to J!m and his friends—Johnny, a radioactive ape-boy rebel (and a football hero banned for his tendency to accidentally maim or dismember opponents while carrying the ball), and Jelly, a shape-shifting goo who usually takes the form of a fat kid who’s the brunt of jokes. Doyle provides a frenetic, sublimely silly, all-over-the-map mashup of B movies that’s also a sendup of American pop and political culture. Rollickingly inventive and often hilarious.Show

News/Listener Feedback:

This Week’s Trivia:

The Question: Which of Vader’s hand’s did Luke sever with his lightsaber?

The Prize: Four Smart Pop Books: In The Hunt (Essays on Supernatural with Forward by Keith R. A. DeCandido), Finding Serenity (Edited by Jane Espenson who wrote Shindig and was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Writer), The Man From Krypton, and Thoughts about Anita Blake’s, Vampire Hunter Series.

You will have two weeks to answer this question. Send your answer with your mailing address to, call us at 18885084343, or DM us on Twitter at @scifidiner.

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The Main Course:

TV News:

The SGU Finale – Thoughts?

‘True Blood’ premiere sinks its teeth into a big audience

June 15, 2010 1:42 PM ET


“True Blood” picked up right where it left off — both on-screen and in the ratings.

The third-season premiere of the HBO series drew 5.1 million viewers on Sunday night (June 13) — a big improvement over the 3.7 million who tuned into the Season 2 premiere last summer. It ranks No. 6 on all of cable for the week of June 7-13.

An additional 1.3 million people watched a replay later in the night, pushing the show’s total audience to 6.4 million.

The audience for Sunday’s episode is far and away the biggest for a season premiere of “True Blood” — last year’s 3.7 million viewers was at the time the show’s high point — but it’s not the best mark ever for the show. It hit 6.6 million viewers for a first airing at one point last season.

HBO has also said that between multiple airings, DVR use and on-demand viewing, the series was grabbing as many as 12 million viewers per episode last year. Given its performance on Sunday, it’s not unreasonable to think the show will duplicate those numbers this season.

First look at the Battlestar Galactica: Online trailer!

The war between the humans and Cylons ain’t over! And when the massively multiplayer online game Battlestar Galactica: Online debuts exclusively over at syfygames, which of them will you choose to be?


Movie News:

A-Team Review:

First image of the robot from Hugh Jackman’s Real Steel

First image of the robot from Hugh Jackman\'s \<i\>Real Steel\<\/i\>
Director Shawn Levy with Hugh Jackman on the set of Real Steel

Every since we first heard of Hugh Jackman’s robot boxing movie Real Steel, we wondered—how believable was the man-on-machine action going to be? Would we buy into the robotic Rocky premise?

Based on the first photo of the the mechanical champion below, our answer is—yes!

Real Steel, directed by Shawn Levy and starring Jackman and Evangeline Lilly, opens in theaters on November 18, 2011.

First image of the robot from Hugh Jackman\'s \<i\>Real Steel\<\/i\>

I am a Huge Jackman fan; however, the premise of this just sounds stupid.

Harry Potter director to take over The Hobbit?

\<i\>Harry Potter\<\/i\> director to take over \<i\>The Hobbit\<\/i\>?

David Yates, the man who has directed the last four Harry Potter films—including the yet-to-be-released two-part adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—has reportedly been offered the chance to direct The Hobbit.

According to Slashfilm, Yates’ name has been mentioned on industry insider tracking boards as the top choice to take the reins from Guillermo del Toro, who stepped away from the production last month but will continue to work as a co-writer with producers Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Phillippa Boyens.

Yates began his tenure on the Potter series with movie number five, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and has just wrapped principal photography on Deathly Hallows. As CHUD points out, however, Yates still has to oversee post-production on both parts of the final story. The first part of Deathly HallowsThe Hobbit until perhaps sometime next spring. comes out this November, while the second one won’t surface until July 2011, meaning that Yates wouldn’t be able to start work on

Given that the studio that owns the rights to The Hobbit, MGM, is by all accounts going into its death throes, it may not be until next year anyway that the legal situation is sorted out and The Hobbit is able to get back on its feet and into production. The delay in production due to MGM’s troubles is what caused del Toro to walk in the first place.

What’s the line on Yates? As the Potter movies prove, he can certainly handle big-budget tentpole pictures and large-scale fantasy visuals, not to mention the expectations of a franchise with a massive following. Both his Potter entries so far, Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, have received generally positive reviews, with the former earning 77 percent positive marks and the latter getting 83 percent favorable reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. Critics and even some fans, however, have accused him of being bland and meandering and having no discernible style.

What do you think? Is Yates the man to take over The Hobbit?


Will Summer Glau help or hurt The Knights of Badassdom?

Will Summer Glau help or hurt \<i\>The Knights of Badassdom\<\/i\>?
Summer Glau in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Actress Summer Glau has been cast in The Knights of Badassdom, an upcoming movie from director Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2: Dead End). Glau is the first female actor to join the odd-sounding horror comedy, which follows a group of LARPers (live-action role players) who somehow manage to mix it up with what are described as “heavy metal demons,” according to Bleeding Cool. The cast already includes Peter Dinklage, Danny Pudi, Steve Zahn and True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten.

We love the Texas-born Glau, who’s well known to audiences for her role as River Tam in both the FireflySerenity, as well as for playing a deadly female Terminator in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She’s also had recurring roles in Dollhouse and The 4400 and has been cast in NBC’s upcoming midseason superhero drama The Cape. TV series and its follow-up movie,

But though the exotic-looking, somewhat mysterious Glau is quite popular with fans (which could be good for The Knights of Badassdom), none of her series (with the exception of The 4400, in which she was not a main character) have lasted more than one or two seasons (which is not so good).

There’s no word yet on when The Knights of Badassdom will begin production or hit the screen, but it’s also confirmed that effects shop Spectral Motion, which made monsters and mutants come to life on pictures like Hellboy and X-Men: The Last Stand, will create those “heavy metal demons.” And Ms. Glau will be there to kick their heavy metal butts.

So considering Summer Glau’s track record with doomed sci-fi TV shows, is this a casting coup—or a casting curse?

What do you think?

X-Men: First Class – Amber Heard Up For Mystique and Fassbender Passes

Amber Heard (Zombieland, Drive Angry 3D) is reportedly in talks to play the young Raven Darkholme/Mystique in the upcoming Matthew Vaughn directed, X-Men: First Class for 20th Century Fox. Heard would join James McAvoy (Wanted) who has already been cast as Professor Charles Xavier.

We previously brought you a rumor that Rosamund Pike (Surrogates) was up for the role of Emma Frost in the film, according to CBM she is actually in the running to play Charles Xavier’s assistant Moira MacTaggert. In addition, Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds, Jonah Hex) who was being courted for the role of Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto has reportedly declined the offer to screen test for the role.

[Source] Production Weekly

Iron Sky Trailer



OMG—Patrick Stewart gets MEAN at this awards show!

OMG—Patrick Stewart gets MEAN at this awards show!

Actor James Corden, perhaps best known for his role as one of the students in the film The History Boys, was turned into a real-life student when Patrick Stewart decided to teach him a thing or two about how to behave while on stage at the Glamour Awards.

As this uncomfortable clip shows, it did not go well.

So after watching the video, which of these two guys came off the best?



Roberto Orci: Star Trek Sequel Script Draft Done By Christmas + Talks ‘Darker’ vs ‘Fun’ Theme

Roberto Orci, who is writing the Star Trek sequel with Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof, gave an update on the project in a new interview. The script should be done at the end of the year. Orci also talks about fan feedback, Abrams directing decision, and the possible darker theme. Details below.

Bob Orci’s Star Trek update

Bob Orci talked to IGN at the CBS upfronts in May where he was promoting Hawaii Five-O. IGN got him to talk about his other projects, Cowboys and Aliens and Star Trek. Here are some quick highlights on the Star Trek sequel:

  • Team plans to turn in “a pretty good draft” of sequel script by Christmas
  • Just like with first film, producer JJ Abrams wont decide if he will also direct sequel “until he reads the script and gets super excited” [Super 8 schedule does not appear to conflict]
  • Writers not planning on including Nimoy (unless he asks to be involved)
  • Orci brings “cool suggestion” fan feedback into meetings, saying fans “are consultants on the movie”

But the most interesting bit of the article was the question about the theme:

IGN: Second movies, including Wrath of Khan, are often the dark chapter. Things often get pretty intense. Are you going to go in that direction?
Orci: Well, it’s weird. We got kind of a mixed review in terms of the darkness or not in the first one. There was genocide of an entire planet, Spock’s freaking mother died, Kirk’s dad died… But it’s like, “Well, it wasn’t very dark!”
So I think maybe thematically, because we don’t have the burden of an origin story, we can play a little bit more with the theme and it can be a little bit more complicated. But I still think we like fun. Star Trek has always been funny. Even Wrath of Khan has got some great great, great fun in it. I think it will be equally confusing for some, but I do think we get to jump right into it now.

For more from Bob on Star Trek and Cowboys & Aliens, read the full interview at

The Sci Fi 5 at 5.

5 great fight scenes
1. Jet Li vs. Jet Li in The ONe.
2. Neo vs. Agent Smith in any Matrix Movie
3. Anakin Skywaker vs Obi Wan Kenobi in Revenge of the Sifth
4.  Roddy Piper vs. Peter David in They Live
5. Yoda vs Count Duku in Attack of the clones

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