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SciFi Diner Podcast Ep. 80 – How Important is Science in Science Fiction? John from ThinkGeek, Darren from The Trekcast Podcast, and Chris from Subspace Communique and Life After Trek.

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Tonight’s Diners: Scott, Miles, John from ThinkGeek, Darren from TrekCast Podcast, and Chris from Subspace Communique and Life After Trek Podcast.

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On the menu tonight:

We decided to go with a simple menu tonight.  As an appetizer we give you the trivia winner for the trivia question from the past two weeks. Our main dish though is a culinary delight.  Ok, ok. Enough with the food puns.  We discuss the age old question: does science fiction need science?

This Week’s Trivia:

Question: What popular African American comedian back in the 80s was originally considerd to play the ceteacean biologist in Star Trek The Voyage Home?

Answer: Eddie Murphy

Winner: Andrea

Prize: Autographed picture of Catherine Hicks from Startrek: The Voyage Home

Podcast Promos:


The Main Dish:

We discuss the various facets of Science in Science Fiction, how important it is and so on.  I would tell you more about now, except that well, you wouldn’t have to listen to the podcast.  Below I have included the video clips we mention during the show.  If you scroll all the way down, you’ll get to see the Dr. Who Techno Theme played at the end of the show with Matt Smith. 8^)

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