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Water Action Day 2010

Well, today is water action day 2010.  It makes me think of how so much of the world lacks pure drinking water, and I think especially of Haiti and the my wife’s organization The Haitian Connection Network (  People in Haiti drink the water their because they must drink, but it is a detriment to their health.  Their shortened lifespans and an various health issues that we never have to deal with tell of this.

And, being the SciFi Guy I am, it makes me think of the fairly recent Dr. Who episode Waters of Mars where contaminated water sickened and infected the crew.  And this is what Science Fiction does best: comments on the social issues impacting the word around us.

So today if you think about it, find away to help.  Oh, and if you can think of any other good example of SciFi dealing with water issues, let me know!


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