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SciFi Rewind Episode 14 – John Carpenter’s “The Thing” 1982

SciFi Rewind Episode 14

John Carpenter’s “The Thing” 1982


Tuning Into SciFi TV

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On this SciFi Rewind, Scott, Miles, and Kevin rewatch John Carpenter’s “The Thing” 1982, hailed as being an iconic piece in SciFi and horror cinematic history, and share their favorite scenes and delve deep into the facts and stories behind it. The episode is rounded out with listener thoughts and feedback as well. In our next rewatch, we will be rewatching 12 Monkeys. Be sure to watch 12 Monkeys with us and send in your thoughts by mid-February.  If you want to share your SciFi Rewind with us and have us talk about it on the show or if you want to comment on our rewinds, please e-mail us at (you can attach an mp3 audio file if you want) or call us at 18885084343.

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  1. Dr. Blair January 21, 2012

    Hey, I just did a podcast on The Thing about a week before you guys did! You guys sound like your like it about as much as we did. It’s not terrible, but not great. Right?

    But we’re both wrong. It’s a 4 star movie. It takes time to grow on you. I think that your podcast and my podcast, will probably make The Thing fans want to hunt us down and beat us up! I mean, there are some real deep issues here when you consider the 58 version (McCarthyism, racism, e.g.)–people write whole dissertations on this movie!

    It’s funny that the chess scene stuck with you too! And yes, you must see Big Trouble in Little China. It’s K Russle’s best movie

  2. Scott January 25, 2012 — Post Author

    That is TOO funny. I am glad I watched it, though I liked the 1950’s version a bit better. Still haven’t seen the 2011 version. And as for Big Trouble, Little China I will have to add it to my list. Hey, if you have an audio promo, we would love to pimp your podcast!



  3. Kevin Bachelder January 26, 2012

    In case any rabid fans of ‘The Thing’ get upset I’d just like it noted that I’m a big fan of the film! It’s Miles and Scott that they need to talk to. 😉

  4. Shannon the Movie Moxie February 13, 2012

    I’m so surprized to hear that this wasn’t a super-hit with all (cough Miles & Scott); it certainly does have huge cult status and I think part of that comes with the bare-bones feel that parallels the empty antarctic landscape (I might be stretching that…) but also it’s classic Carpenter with a great ensemble cast, minimalist score, creepy ideas and practical effects.

    I only saw it a VHS a few years back and was instantly a fan, then had the chance to see a totally faded 35mm print (all the blacks were red) version with a crowd and the actor that played Windows in attendance for a Q&A. That was epics.

    On more timely note, Supernatural Season 6 Ep 16 was very similar to The Thing; although I’m not sure if it was an intentional homage. I didn’t know the X-Files Ice was intentional – that’s totally cool! And also likely my favourite ep!

    I enjoyed listening to your thoughts, even though didn’t sound like it was the fave-est of the picks 🙂

  5. Scott February 23, 2012 — Post Author

    Thanks for your thoughts. I think I will have to go back a rewatch it with a more critical eye (critical in a good way), taking what you and Kevin liked about the movie and considering it. One thing is clear: It still inspires. X-files and Supernatural are testament to this. By the way, how is Supernatural this season?


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