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SciFi Rewind Episode 15 – Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys

SciFi Rewind Episode 15

Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys


Tuning Into SciFi TV

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On this SciFi Rewind, Scott, Miles, and Kevin rewatch 12 Monkeys, hailed as being an iconic piece in SciFi, and share their favorite scenes and delve deep into the facts and stories behind it. The episode is rounded out with listener thoughts and feedback as well. In our next rewatch, we will be rewatching the iconic Star Trek flick The Wrath of Khan. Be sure to watch The Wrath of Khan with us and send in your thoughts by mid-March.  If you want to share your SciFi Rewind with us and have us talk about it on the show or if you want to comment on our rewinds, please e-mail us at (you can attach an mp3 audio file if you want) or call us at 18885084343.


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