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SciFi Diner Podcast Special Edition – FRINGE Podcasters Roundtable 2012

Special FRiNGE Podcasters Roundtable 2012, with Master of Ceremonies Raul Ybarra. Scott joins the following fellow FRiNGE podcasters:Wayne Henderson, from the Fringecasting with Wayne and Dan podcast, Clint and Darrell from The Fringe Podcast, and Frea, Lou, and Max from the FBI Inc (Fringe Benefits Incorporated) podcast.  HUGE THANK YOUs go out to Raul Ybarra, and friends, for coordinating this FRiNGE event, and for providing the special systems needed to have all of us going together online for this project!

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  1. Lee March 22, 2012

    I got half way through this and then the stupid jokes started it was good till then, after that started I just had to stop it cannot stand that type of stuff. Bad comedy does not make a good show it kills it!

  2. Scott March 22, 2012 — Post Author


    I hear ya. I also know the audio quality was a bit off. I don’t typically joke like that, but I didn’t really have control over what some of the other folks were doing. Thanks for giving it a whirl though.


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