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SciFi Diner Conversations 60 – Listeners Analyze Digital Versus Paper Comics, Review The Amazing Spiderman, Discuss the Impracticality of Super Hero Outfits, and Respond to the Possibility of an Independence Day and Stargate Sequel.

SciFi Diner Conversations 60

Listeners Analyze Digital Versus Paper Comics,

Review The Amazing Spiderman, 

Discuss the Impracticality of Super Hero Outfits,

and Respond to the Possibilities of an 

Independence Day and Stargate Sequel.


You Can DownLoad The Episode Here.

In this listener feedback show, listeners analyze digital versus paper comics, review The Amazing Spiderman, discuss the impracticality of super hero outfits, and respond to the possibility of an Independence Day and Stargate sequel.

The song at the end of the episode is The Final Rewind by Tyrad 

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  1. Lee July 12, 2012

    Hi Guys

    I agree with Scott on books I can’t see paying the same price on books as I would on an paperless I pad or Kendal. I all so have a soft spot in my heart for all my paper backs I do have a really nice collation and love them all. My wife and daughter both have ether an I pad or a Kendal and keep asking me if I won’t one and I all ways say not now but maybe one day I will. One other thing from those devices I would never get is that feeling of a book or the smell of one too they can’t put that in those devices.

    I would love a reboot of Stargate but please don’t bring back the old creators back after 10 season of them I have had enough of them. Now I am going to get hate mail because I said that LOL. But If they do reboot let’s start from a different point and time. And maybe change it up somewhat and were people would actually die and stay dead don’t know how many times I saw Daniel dye and come back. Anyway I hope it blows my socks’ off.

    From the lost mind of Lee

    Peace and long life

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