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SciFi Diner Conversations 64 – Listener’s Weigh In On The Doctor Who Season Premiere, Our Logan’s Run Rewind, Warehouse 13, Zombie’s Run, Grimm, And More.

SciFi Diner Conversations 64

Listener’s Weigh In On Total Recall 2012,

Zombie’s Run, the Falling Skies Finale,

Our Logan’s Run Review, Fall TV Series,

Nathan Lowell and More

You Can DownLoad The Episode Here.

In this listener feedback show, listener’s weigh in on the Doctor Who season premiere, our Logan’s Run rewind, Warehouse 13, Zombie’s Run, Grimm, and more.

The song at the end of the episode is The Final Rewind by Tyrad 

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  1. Lee September 18, 2012

    Hi guys just listen to the show and it was great as usual. Just few comments first I am surprise that Miles is not watching Grimm even I a Star Trek geek just like him but I do love watching Grimm but to each his own. I am all caught up on Grimm and it’s just getting better and better and with Hank on board no telling how things are going to go. I did watch Revolutions on line and its Ok but let’s see how the season goes before I add any more to that but it’s just ok for now. If I did not tell you guys but the ending of Falling Sky’s was GREAT and I am looking forward to see the next season. That’s it for now will try to catch up on the rest of your podcast in the next few days.

    From the lost mind of Lee

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