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SciFi Diner Conversations 72 – Going To The Hobbit To See Star Trek; Problems With Khan; Gandalf Visits Doctor Who; And More.

SciFi Diner Conversations 72

Going To The Hobbit To See Star Trek;

Problems With Khan; Gandalf Visits

Doctor Who; And More.

You Can DownLoad The Episode Here.

In this listener feedback show, listener’s discuss going to The Hobbit to see Star Trek; problems with Khan; Gandalf visits Doctor Who; and More! Some of our listeners have started their own Science Fiction blog; you can find Kahless’s blog here and Rual’s blog here. By the way, despite what it says below, the music at the end of THIS episode is from Raul’s wife, whose name I do not know.  It is a piece called “Dessert Storm”.

The song at the end of the episode is The Final Rewind by Tyrad 


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  1. Lee January 20, 2013

    Hi guys
    I would like to tell you guys that Enterprise and Deep space 9 is now on Hulu Plus I thought that I would add that. Next guys please explain to me why the networks are doing what some cable companies have been doing and that is a long mid season split it makes no since to me why they would do that and is there a real reason for this?????

    On another note during the holidays one by one each of my family members came down with the cruds and it was not over till about 6 days ago on the 14 of Jan. I have not seen the Hobbit yet are much of anything else I did see a few movies here at home one was District 9 I was about 30 minutes into it and all most gave up on it but I hung in there and it got better and better and at the end I was surprise how it went from bad to good would like to know if you guys have seen it and if so what were you reactions to it. Next was The Dark Knight Rises and like Miles I thought that it was great and the family enjoyed it.

    Next you guys all ways talking about books your reading and right now I been reading a Star Trek Voyager book (Pathways) that I have never read before that I picked up right in the middle of the holidays so far I been limited to reading because I been taken care of my family being sick but now that is over with. I started reading it and I am about half way though and it is interesting so far. One other thing before I wrap this up I too got a geek gift for X-mas and I got David Mack’s new trilogy Cold Equations I can wait to read it. Thanks guys you have been busy again and it seems I all ways behind in your podcast.
    From the lost mind of Lee

  2. Lee January 23, 2013

    With Fringe over I hope that you guys never put the cow away thanks.

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