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SciFi Diner Conversations 88 – BuzzTraxx: One Second After, Mini-Dome, Elysium, and More


SciFi Diner Conversations 88

BuzzTraxx: One Second After,

Mini-Dome, Elysium, and More




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  1. Damian August 24, 2013

    Miles! Scott!………..and (duh duh dun) M… Bahahahahahaha

    Okay seemed like I struck a cord with this one. To be clear I didn’t say that I didn’t like Bale as Batman, he was great in the part, but story-wise, it would just be a cop out.

    In the third film, a fair part of the story was:-
    1) Bruce Wayne talking to Blake about “Batman is an ideal”, “Anyone can be Batman” and heck;
    2) Bruce Wayne fakes his own death and using the Clean Slate for Selena so they can go have lunch in Paris waiting for Alfred to see them and leave before drinking his own coffee.
    3) Bruce leaving Blake or “Robin” a map to the Batcave allowing him to become the next Batman.
    So story-wise, if you were to have a Batman from the Nolan Universe in the upcoming Bats/Supes film then you’d have to have Blake’s Batman since Bruce Wayne gave up the job.
    So I hope that cleared things up a little. 🙂 Besides it’s rather a mute point now with Affleck cast in the role, so you can see they’re going in another direction. I still think that it’s TOO EARLY to have a another Batman only, what, 2 years since the last film? Come on Hollywood!
    Man of Steel should have his own sequel.

    Also – Just saw Elysium, I really enjoyed it. Visuals were great, Sharlto Copley was fantastically evil. I can see what people where um-ing about with Jodie Foster’s accent, but she was speaking French and living on a Space Station so I’ll let that slide.
    Speaking of bad accents… The two “Australians” in Pacific Rim. Yikes!! I’ve heard worse but some parts I and the others in the cinema were cringing. However, it was nice to see Sydney getting destroyed instead of LA & New York (like in every other Hollywood blockbuster).

    That’s all for now!
    Have a good One, Damian.

  2. Scott September 6, 2013 — Post Author


    Thanks for clarifying your stance. We addressed much of what you wrote in show Listener Feedback 89. Thanks!


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