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SciFi Diner Conversations 89 – Elysium Bangs The Political Drum & Under The Dome Divides Listeners


SciFi Diner Conversations 89

Elysium Bangs The Political Drum; More On The Honorverse; Under

The Dome Divides Listeners; And We Perform Surgery On M’s Throat.





You Can Download The Episode Here.

In this listener feedback show, listeners weigh in on a Elysium’s political message, Under the Dome brings in viewers but splits listeners,  defending Defiance and Fallings Skies, M’s coup on the diner, and more.

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  1. Carl September 7, 2013

    Love your podcast show best wished to M! I am interested in Ben taking over for Batman I am in the minority when it comes to his role as Matt Murdock, it wasn’t his performance that sank the film but overacting by other characters (cough Kingpin and Bullseye) and the horribly mangled cut that took away his “Laywer” storyline which was restored in the far superior director’s cut.

    Elysium your other commentary summed up my feelings about the film I enjoyed it felt that the politicalness was not hammering you over the head but subtle enough, and Copley… wow he’s great.

    Under the dome is beginning to drive me nuts with the Max storyline… but (spoiler) now that is resolved perhaps the show can get back on track and be ultimately the conflict between Big Jim and Barbie.

    Best wishes!

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