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SciFi Diner Podcast 345 – Top Moments from 2018 and What We Look Forward to in 2019

Tonight’s Menu: On this show, Scott, Dave, Miles, and Chrissie share their top five geek moments from 2018 and their top anticipated moments from 2019. We would love to hear yours!

SciFi Diner Podcast 345 – Top Moments from 2018 and What We Look Forward to in 2019

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2018 Favorite Geek Moments:

  1. Star Trek bachelorette party – pin the kiss on Captain Kirk
  2. Seeing the actual Enterprise in the national air and space museum

3. Joining this podcast

4. Doing a space race themed party with my sister; my team didn’t win, but the games were a blast. I am still disappointed I didn’t get extra points for my team by bringing a towel 8^).

5. The new WoW expansion,


2019 Top Anticipated Moments:

  1. Space X is set to launch its first commercial space flight – so maybe by the time I am 50, it will be affordable and I will be able to experience space flight.
  2. The Dark Crystal sequel coming to Netflix
  3. Going to Philadelphia for a Japanese tea ceremony and art museum  (more nerdy than geeky, but I love Japanese culture and art). I highly recommend the annual Japanese culture festival in the spring.
  4. My first con as an adult; I went to a couple when I was really young. I think they were like gaming cons.
  5. Blacksmithing with my sister – I will be making a knife.



2018 Favorite Geek Moments:

  1. Avengers Infinity War
  2. Solo: A Star Wars Story
  3. Playing Lord of the Rings Online
  4. Watching all of Doctor Who with my son
  5. Delving into the Expanse universe

Honorable Mention: Ready Player One


2019 Top Anticipated Moments:

  1. Star Wars Episode 9
  2. Avengers: Endgame
  3. Captain Marvel
  4. First Commercial Spaceflight
  5. Helping my son stream content on Youtube



2018 Favorite Geek Moments:

5 – 2 new Star Wars movies – Loved them both!

4 – Marvel: Infinity Wars

3 – New Star Trek on TV – Discovery, Orville

2 – Coming onto the Sci-Fi Diner Podcast

1 – Going to my first Cons and getting to meet and interview some of my “heroes” in the Sci-Fi world.


2019 Top Anticipated Moments:

5 – Closing the next Star Wars trilogy with Episode 9

4 – Finishing the Avengers saga with Endgame

3 – Thrawn: Treason by Timothy Zahn

2 – Star Trek on TV: Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery, the new Picard series, Orville S2

1 – Continuing to attend this year’s Cons (Farpoint/Shore Leave) and hanging out with my fellow sci-fi friends here at the Diner!


Honorable Mentions: Dave – Tabletop gaming (ST: Ascendency, Star Wars Armada, Firefly: Adventures)


*Honorable Mention: With very little Star Trek novels to read this past year, I’ve been reading several time travel novels.

2018 Favorite Geek Moments:

5. Elseworlds on the CW was probably the best crossover yet with the CW DC superhero shows.

4. Really enjoying reviewing all the Star Trek movies this year and talking about it with our co-hosts and guest hosts.

3. Hitting Farpoint and Shoreleave and seeing our old friends, meeting celebrity guests and making new friends.

2. Star Trek coming back to the small screen.  I think Discovery is a worthy member of the Star Trek universe.

1. Meeting and getting a picture of William Shatner himself.   Captain Kirk was really my first superhero and Star Trek was my first foray into sci-fi.  The meeting was brief but very pleasant.


2019 Top Anticipated Moments:

*Honorable Mention:  Orville Season 2

5.  The new Star Trek Jean Luc Picard show.

4. Movies: Avengers Endgame,  X Men Dark Phoenix, Captain Marvel,   Shazam

3.  Going to Farpoint and Shoreleave.

2. Continuing to record the Sci-Fi Diner PodCast and geek out about our favorite sci-fi that we enjoy.

1. Star Trek Discovery: Season 2.  This looks like it will even be more enjoyable than season 1.


Sci-fi Diner Top 5:

5. Cons
4. Star Trek to the small screen
3. Star Wars Solo
2. Avengers: Infinity War
1. Adding two new cohosts


Biggest disappointments  this year:

* That Solo didn’t do better

* Second Pacific Rim

* Netflix canceling Marvel Shows

* Visiting a larger con

* Timeless ending

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