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Scifi Diner Podcast 367 – Picard

Tonight’s Menu: On this episode of the Diner, we discuss Picard, the Discovery shorts, Top Gun: Maverick, Orville moving to Hulu, season 3 of Stranger things, Shore Leave 41, and the Stargate pilot we will be rewatching in two weeks.


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  1. Terry Olmstead October 23, 2019

    Wondering if you know that your podcast is trying to download all your shows at once.
    I listen on overcast and tried to set from newest to oldest, it won’t let me. The last five shows setting keeps coming up with shows 226, 349, 73, 16, 273. and says they were uploaded Oct. 23
    I’ve been listening for several years (before the so-called feud with sci-fi Christians) and will be checking back at a later date to see if this is fixed.

  2. Scott February 5, 2020 — Post Author

    Yeah our site got hacked….our feeds should be active again…

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