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Scifi Diner Podcast 390 – Our Interview with Comic Book Writer Sidney Williams (Silverline Comics)

Scifi Diner Pilots 389 – Star Trek: The Animated Series with SPECIAL Guests Michael Schilling from the Shore Leave Convention

SciFi Diner Podcast 388 – Why Anime Adaptations Fail; the Curse of the Departing Showrunner; and Other Discussions

SciFi Diner Podcast 387 – Our Interview with Comic Book Author R.A. Jones (Twilight Grimm/Silverline Comics)

SciFi Diner Pilots 386 – Star Trek: The ORIGINAL Series “Where No Man Has Gone Before” with Michael Jan Friedman (Crazy 8 Press)

SciFi Diner Podcast 385 – Our Interview with Comic Book Author Brent Larson (Kayless/Silverline Comics)

SciFi Diner Podcast 384 – How Covid 19 Will Change Movie Theaters

SciFi Diner Pilots 383 – Star Trek (oriGinal Series) The Cage – With Special Guest John Jackson Miller (Author of the Star Trek Discovery Novel Enterprise War and Die Standing)

SciFi Diner Podcast 382 – The Picard Finale and Our Interview with John Tilden, President of the Heinlein Society (A Farpoint 2020 Interview)

SciFi Diner Podcast 381 – The Mirror Universe (A Farpoint 2020 Panel)

SciFi Diner Podcast 380 – Our Interview with Cosplayer Jay Justice (Farpoint 2020)

Scifi Diner Podcast 379 – Our Interview with Anthony Montgomery (Star Trek: Enterprise) – A Farpoint Interview


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