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Start Your Own Podcast

Millions Americans Listen to Podcasts on a daily basis. With one touch, smart phones enable people to connect to shows that inspire them, teach them, and entertain them. How many of these listeners could be listening to you?

Whether it be for your business, personal pleasure, or your classroom, starting your own podcast is easy and can been done with minimal investment. And it is the perfect way to reach 100s and even 1000s of your customers and clients, listeners and fans, and students and parents.

There are many tools and self-help videos out there that can help you through the process of creating and publishing your own podcast; however, if you want more of a personal touch, want someone to walk you through the process, or just want someone to give you some feedback on a show you are running, I would be happy to help.  I am also available to speak to groups or at your in-services.

Some things I can help you with:IMG_6635

  • Studio Setup
  • Equipment
  • Show Planning
  • Show Editing/Publishing/Follow Up
  • Building an audience/Show Promotion
  • Working with co-hosts
  • Interview techniques
  • File hosting and Website Setup
  • Show Music
  • Voice Over Work

All of this can be done with a Skype connection. If you are interested, just fill out this form and I will get back to you.

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My credentials:

Currently I host two shows, the long-running, award-winning Scifi Diner Podcast and the Dune Saga Podcast, with a combined media reach of over 15,000 people a month. My first show in 2008 was a show called the Room 312 Podcast and was used as a way to connect students to the concepts I taught them. Later that year, I started the Poem of the Week Podcast.  At the end of that year, I started my first co-hosted show So A Catholic and a Protestant Walk Into a Bar.  In the beginning of 2009, I launched two more podcasts: Haiti in Focus and the Dining at the End of the Universe Podcast (Later that summer, the Dining at the End of the Universe Podcast was rebranded to the SciFi Diner Podcast. Over 400 episodes and many awards later, the SciFi Diner continues to publish weekly episodes.  In the fall of 2013, I joined a group a podcasters in developing, launching, and co-hosting the Dune Saga Podcast.

I have spoken on the importance of podcasting and how to start your own podcast at Shore Leave and Farpoint Conventions.  In conjunction with Classrooms for the Future, I have taught other educators how to effectively integrate podcasting as an extension of their educational infrastructure, to help students learn, to inform parents, and to provide valued add content to what is being taught daily.

But do not just take my word for it.  Read what others are saying by clicking here.

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