M Sieiro Garcia – Absolutely tickled to be a part of the SciFi Diner Podcast crew, M’s an average gal who gets the chance to chat about one of her favorite subjects with a couple of smart and fun guys. Growing up in Nation’s Capital, many family trips to the Smithsonian had her dreaming of the stars. …

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Be A Guest On Our Show

On each episode of our main show, we invite people involved in the Science Fiction and Fantasy industry to come on the show, be interviewed, and strut their stuff.  We tend to interview people involved with genre fiction (fantasy, scifi, thriller, etc). After all, we are called the SciFI Diner for a reason. Are you …

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Submit Your Podcast Promo

If you have listened to our show, you know we love playing promos.  Have a podcast, podiobook, trailer or something like it you’ld like us to pimp on our show?  Share it here. Of course, we’d love for you to play our promo as well.  Links to a few of ours are included below. 2014 …

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Shore Leave 32 …… …. Farpoint Con 2010 ………. …………..   Shore Leave 31 …………… ………… ………… ………… …………

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Bulk Download Old Episodes

On this page, you can find an archive of our first 150 episodes. Episodes 101 -150 Episodes 51 – 149 Episodes 1 – 50

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1 comment

  1. Kim Gianopoulos

    First and foremost, I shall exclaim, “space pants!”

    OK. That’s done. Now, for the upcoming podcast.

    Let me comment on the new Star Trek movie. I am a long time fan…I even know what episode aired the day I was born. No, I’m not telling you which series. Anyway, I was thrilled that there were more kickass female characters, and that Karl Urban got more screen time and lines. That said, I thought the movie was a bit light on substance. In some places, I felt that the storytelling stuff was left on the cutting room floor in favor of more explosions and tilting floors. Also, I will miss Anton in future movies.

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