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Scifi Diner Podcast Ep. 16 – The Put Your Brain on a Leash Episode (Also Known as The Attack of the Finales)


Dining at the End of the Universe Podcast.

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Tonight’s Diners: Scott and Miles

Welcome to the Science Fiction Diner.  We want your feedback: how are we doing, what can we do differently, what would you like to see? We want to know! Also the ACC feeds of our podcast are enhanced, which means there are chapters.  So if we’re talking about something you’re not interested in, you can skip ahead.

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Tonite’s Menu: We have Trivia, Give Aways, Scifi news, Dollhouse Finale Review, Fringe Finale Review, Smallville Finale Review, and a DVD Review.

Trivia Answer from Last Week: In the latest Star Trek movie, McCoy claims that “one tiny crack in the hull” will cause your blood to boil in 12 seconds. Is what he is saying really true in reality or false? Could such a thing really happen?


WoollyMittens correctly  answered the question.  He writes, “I remember it coming up before in a discussion about A.C. Clarke’s 2001, where Dave is forced to use an airlock without his helmet.You’d get all kinds of nasty effects, but your body is perfectly capable of holding your blood in.”   From article: The Effect on the Chimpanzee of Rapid Decompression to a Near Vacuum, Alfred G. Koestler ed., NASA CR-329 (Nov 1965).

Miles and I think @The_Rooster ’s cat would be the perfect candidate… He’s already trying to burn the sucker.  Go Two Schooners.

Trivia Question for this next week/Giveaway:

This week we will be giving away a copy of the book Parapsyko by Daniel J. Bohanick, a book that we review on this show.  In order to win this copy, you need to correctly answer this weeks trivia question.  If we receive more than one correct answer, we will draw straws or pull names out of a hat or some other cliche to determine the winner. 8^)

For our trivia question this week:

From the original “V” Miniseries, who was the female lead visitor?  Give both her real name and her character name.

Call (206) 600-4824, e-mail, or contact Scott and Miles on Twitter with your answers!

SciFi News from the Bar Tender:

Shore-Leave 31 is coming up and we WILL be there.

Parapsyko by Daniel J. Bohanick is released! – Here is a short synopsis of the book.  “Three years ago, a horrible tragedy left an entire city scarred forever. Now, corruption rules the streets with an iron fist. But when multitudes of innocents begin disappearing, Slone, a young vigilante with incredible powers, uncovers a startling plot that could destroy all of humanity. With little time left, Slone must prevent this calamity while dodging secret government agents, battling vicious monsters, and keeping his double life hidden from the one person he cares for the most. All of it leading up to the inevitable confrontation between Slone and the mastermind behind it all…the mysterious and all powerful Parapsyko!”

ABC “V” TV SERIES PILOT PROMO TRAILER is released, and we are liking what we’re seeing.

Human Target – This Fall FOX TV Show is based on a DC comic.  It takes a brave, selfless man to make himself a “human target” in order to save the lives of those in danger.  We like the potential of this show as well.  It stars Mark valley from Fringe (which we like), Chi McBride, “Pushing Daisies”, and Jackie Earle Haley, “Watchmen”.

A Review of the Movie Doomsday.

Summary: A lethal virus spreads throughout the British isles,infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands. To contain the threat, acting authorities brutally quarantine the country as it succumbs to fear and chaos. The quarantine is successful. Three decades later, the Reaper virus violently resurfaces in a major city. An elite group of specialists, including Eden Sinclair, is urgently dispatched into the still-quarantined country to retrieve a cure by any means necessary. Shut off from the rest of the world, the unit must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare.


Rhona Mitra     …     Maj. Eden Sinclair (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009) …. Sonja)

Malcolm McDowell     …     Dr. Marcus Kane (”Heroes” …. Daniel Linderman (9 episodes, 2007-2008))

On The Main Menu:

The Smallville Finale. Scott didn’t watch it, but Miles is a dedicated watcher and is meh on the whole thing.   Also he is not real excited about the death slot CW has placed it in the Fall when it returns.  It will air 8 -9 PM on Fridays.

We loved the Dollhouse Finale.  Matt wrote in and said that he doesn’t know if it deserves a second season. We think FOX felt bad for cancelling Firefly, and didn’t want to risk making the same mistake twice on a Joss show.  We also discuss why FOX said Terminator was cancelled.

The Fringe Finale was phenomenal.  There’s just no other way to say it.  Miles watched his first Fringe episode ever, mainly because Spock was in it, and I believe we have a convert.  We also listen to the Fringe folks discuss their controversial ending and give our take on it.

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