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Scifi Diner Podcast Ep. 27 – Interview with Hayden Black and the Cabonauts (Miracle Laurie, John Barrowman, & More.)


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Tonight’s Diners: Scott & Miles

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Welcome to the Diner. We want your feedback: how are we doing, what can we do differently, what would you like to hear? We what to know! Also the ACC feeds of out podcast are enhanced, which means there are chapters. So if we’re talking about a show you’re not interested in, you can skip ahead.

Show News:

  • Voice mail number: 1.888.508.4343 – We had some technical issues with our voice mail this past week, but that should all be fixed!
  • Trivia: If we didn’t clarify this before, we often get more than one person with the right answer.  So we have to flip coins, draw straws, roll dice, to figure out who the lucky winner is.

Tonight’s agenda: The Cabonauts

Next weeks Agenda: Part 1 of An Interview with Michael from NeoFX.


The Winner:

Winner won a Justice League: Justice on Trial DVD.

The question was: Where was Daniel Radcliffe when he found out he landed the role of Harry Potter?

The answer is Danielle Radcliffe was in the bathtub when he found out he landed the role of Harry Potter.

Congratz to Melissa for winning this week!

Trivia Question for next week:

Answering this question correctly, will win you an autographed Venessa Angel Stargate Picture.

What tagline was used at the end of almost every GI Joe Episode?

Call 1.888.508.4343, e-mail, or contact Scott and Miles on Twitter with your answers!

SciFi News:

Ten Minutes in SciFi TV:

    • Heroes Redemption–   This trailer looks phenomenal. The Heroes premiere is Monday, September 21, 2009 (2 hour)
      1. Herne said too many plotlines crammed into 1st show, too obtuse for a 1st ep. I rate it ★★★☆☆ 3 out of 5 stars.  I would have to agree with this.
      2. StartledRhino: Did you like Defying Gravity? It is extremely light scifi (if it even is scifi) with lots of sex. I missed Virtuality, so I can’t compare.
      1. You voted – we listened. For the first time ever on Blu-ray, here are extended versions of your two favorite episodes from the celebrated Stargate Atlantis™ series – without commercial interruption, and in packaging you designed!
      2. The exhilarating, feature-length pilot episode, Rising, sends a brilliant team of scientists through a Stargate to the legendary city of Atlantis. But not only is the city about to be engulfed by ocean water, an enemy appears who threatens everyone in the Pegasus Galaxy! And in the white-knuckle, lengthened Enemy at the Gate from Season 5, as the team tries to disempower Wraith hive ships, the Wraith discover coordinates that will allow them to destroy Earth!
      • The Surrogate by Disney – This movie has potential.  Make sure you check out the trailer.
      • Star Wars Concert tour.
      • Star Wars Uncut
      • Rob Marshall Helming Fourth “Pirates”? “Chicago” and “Nine” director Rob Marshall is in talks to helm the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” for Walt Disney Pictures reports Variety. Original “Pirates” trilogy helmer Gore Verbinski hasn’t committed to the project and with the studio adamant on getting the project rolling by next Easter, this move to another director comes as no surprise. Jerry Bruckheimer will return as producer and Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, though pretty much everything else on the project remains in flux.
      • Avatar – Release date: Dec. 18, 2009. Avatar is the story of an ex-Marine who finds himself thrust into hostilities on an alien planet filled with exotic life forms. As an “avatar,” a human mind in an alien body, he finds himself torn between two worlds in a desperate fight for his own survival and that of the indigenous people. Following is an edited version of our exclusive Q&A with Cameron about his film. Cast: Sam Worthington    …     Jake Sully, Sigourney Weaver    …     Dr. Grace Augustine, Michelle Rodriguez (From Lost)    …     Trudy Chacon, Zoe Saldana (Uhura from the new Star Trek)    …     Neytiri, Joel Moore (from Bones)     …     Norm Spellman, CCH Pounder    (Mrs. Frederick from Warehouse 13)  …     Moha
      • GI JOE coming out – we want your reviews! Call us at 1.888.508.4343
      • Stargate Atlantis: Fan’s Choice – if you’re a fan, why would you buy this?
      • Race to Witch Mountain w/ Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) and Carla Gugino (From Threshold)
      • Show notes: Giving you more than we can ever give you in the show.  The
      • The Forums
      • Promos: Promos why…shows we listen to or other podcasters we know.  Promo before news and before main discussion or interview – if you’re a podcaster we want your promo – e-mail them/the link to us at

Ten Minutes in SciFi Movies:

Ten Minute in SciFi DVD/Video:

Book News:

You’d think that Eoin Colfer, whose Artemis Fowlfantasy novels have sold nearly 20 million copies, wouldn’t have a care in the world. But now that’s he’s written And Another Thing, the sixth book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy franchise, a series which has sold nearly 15 million copies, the Irish author is finding it difficult to follow Douglas Adams’ famous instructions to, well, you know—”don’t panic.”

“I’m still conflicted,” said Colfer about stepping into Adams’ shoes when I interviewed him at the San Diego Comic-Con. “It’s not something where you make up your mind and then say, ‘Well, that’s the right decision,’ and then put all your doubts behind you. Every day I think about it, I worry. But the reason I decided to do it was, I actually sat down and did pros and cons, and the pros were, I thought if I don’t do it, someone else will do it, and they might not love it as much as me.

“Also, Jane and Polly [Adams’ wife and daughter] wanted me to do it, which was very important. They were the ones who convinced me. And I honestly think that I can kind of bring something to it and not try to be Douglas … but maybe people will read this, and then they’ll go back and read the other five, which is the whole point.”

The Main show:

The Cabonauts Interview

The Wrap

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