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Scifi Diner Podcast Ep. 28 – Interview with Special Effects Animator Michael from NeoFX; Treminator & Wolverine Sequels!


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Welcome to the Diner. We want your feedback: how are we doing, what can we do differently, what would you like to hear? We what to know! Also the ACC feeds of out podcast are enhanced, which means there are chapters. So if we’re talking about a show you’re not interested in, you can skip ahead.

Tonight’s agenda: Part 1 of an interview with Michael from NeoFX. If you have watched Star Trek fan films, there is a good chance you’ve seen his work!

Next weeks Agenda: Part 2 of an interview with Michael from NeoFX

For our trivia question this week:

Trivia for this week:

Winner won an autographed Venessa Angel Star Gate Picture.

What tagline was used at the end of almost every GI Joe Episode?

Answer: And now we know, and knowing is half the battle.

Eric was our winner this week!  Gratz.

Trivia Question for next week:

Winner of the following trivia question will gain a copy of the Jarhead DVD (in honor of G.I. Joe)

What year was the first G.I. Joe action figure released?

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SciFi News:

Ten Minutes in SciFi TV:

  1. The cast and creators of ABC’s upcoming V announced Saturday that the show would premiere Tuesday, Nov. 3, at 8 p.m. in a news conference at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Pasadena, Calif. (Spoilers ahead!Executive producer Jeffrey Bell also promised that star Morena Baccarin, who plays the alien leader Anna, will indeed eat a rodent of some kind.
  2. “We want to find a way to do it,” Bell said, but added that if the producers simply duplicated the scene from the original miniseries, “been there, done that.” He added that the new show will feature homages to other iconic moments from the original miniseries.
  3. Executive producer Scott Peters added that the producers were exploring a way to bring some of the original actors into the show, though not necessarily playing the same characters.

  • 30 ‘Stargate Universe’ Webisodes in Development The scenes will take place through the eye of a sphere called the “Kino” that independently hovers around the ancient ship Destiny, spying on the crew. “It’s flying around and spying on people,” says series co-creator Brad Wright. “They are literally just voyeuristic scenes we’re shooting specifically for the Web. It’s an extra way to get a window on our program and gives fans a slice of life look at our ship.” The Kino sphere will also be technology used by the Stargate team to scout planets through the Stargate.

  • Guild Season 3 is beginningJust released “Do you want to date my avatar?” Absolutely hilarious.Avatar being more real than reality.The whole surrogates discussion.

Ten Minutes in SciFi Movies:

  1. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has stolen the number one weekend box office spot and set a couple of records after pulling in roughly $100.2M worldwide ($56.2M in the US and an estimated $44M internationally). Internationally G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra out-performed Star Trek in its opening weekend.Star Trek raked in about $35M whilst G.I. Joe scored $44M.
  2. This places G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra as the 66th highest opening weekend grosser of all time in the US based on early figures.Once the final figures are in, it could also end up in the top 50 openers worldwide of all time.
  3. The Stephen Sommers directed action flick also broke the box office record for the highest US domestic opening day for a non-sequel in the month of August ($22.3M).
  4. The record for an August opening in the United States and Canada was set in 2007 by The Bourne Ultimatum, with $69.3 million, Reuters reported. Rush Hour 2 kicked off with $67.4 million in 2001, and “Signs” with $60 million in 2002. All ended up with more than $220 million.

Ten Minute in SciFi DVD/Video:

  • Starman [Blu-ray] ~ Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen, Charles Martin Smith, and Richard Jaeckel (Blu-ray – 2009)$19.99 While most movie buffs are likely to call Halloween the best movie from John Carpenter, others–die-hard romantics and anyone who cried while watching E.T.–might vote in favor of the director’s 1984 hit Starman. It’s easily Carpenter’s warmest and most beguiling film, and the only one that ever earned an Oscar nomination. That honor went specifically to Best Actor nominee Jeff Bridges for his performance as an alien visitor to Earth who is knocked off course and must take an interstate road trip to rendezvous with a mothership from his home planet. To complete this journey he assumes the physical form of the dead husband of a Wisconsin widow (Karen Allen) who responds first with fear, then sympathy, and finally love. Carpenter’s graceful strategy is to switch the focus of this E.T.-like film from science fiction to a gentle road-movie love story, made believable by the memorable performances of Bridges and Allen. It’s a bit heavy-handed with tenacious government agents who view the Starman as an alien threat (don’t they always?), but Carpenter handles the action with intelligent flair, sensitivity, and lighthearted humor. If you’re not choked up during the final scene, well, you just might not be human. –Jeff Shannon
  • Fissure ~ James MacDonald, Scarlett McAlister, Todd Terry, and Jim Blumetti (DVD – 2009) – 19.98 Detective Paul Grunning is trying to piece together his fractured life. When a routine disturbance at the Ulster home turns into an unexplainable death, all he has worked for will be tested. An ailing, addicted cop, Grunning (James Macdonald), is haunted by his own bad choices. He investigates the mysterious house, only to find shifting testimonies and perplexing new clues in every room. Sifting through the erratic claims of Rachel (Crystal Mantecon), the seductive grad student, Emma, the victim’s wife, and Andrew, a bitterly resentful sone, Grunning uncovers motives but no real answers. Ultimately, Grunning must navigate a fractured reality and his own insecurities to find what’s real.
  • The cast of Fissure includes the following:

  1. James MacDonald – on Buffy, 24, Star Trek Deep Space Nine (a wainwright)

  1. Scarlett McAlister – in the Astronaut Farmer

  1. Crystal Mantecon – Harold and Kumar 2, and Prision break

You can both these DVD’s in our store at My

Book News:

  • New Hitchhiker Book – what?  Isn’t Douglas Adam’s dead? You’d think that Eoin Colfer, whose Artemis Fowlfantasy novels have sold nearly 20 million copies, wouldn’t have a care in the world. But now that’s he’s written And Another Thing, the sixth book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy franchise, a series which has sold nearly 15 million copies, the Irish author is finding it difficult to follow Douglas Adams’ famous instructions to, well, you know—”don’t panic.”
  • “I’m still conflicted,” said Colfer about stepping into Adams’ shoes when I interviewed him at the San Diego Comic-Con. “It’s not something where you make up your mind and then say, ‘Well, that’s the right decision,’ and then put all your doubts behind you. Every day I think about it, I worry. But the reason I decided to do it was, I actually sat down and did pros and cons, and the pros were, I thought if I don’t do it, someone else will do it, and they might not love it as much as me.
  • “Also, Jane and Polly [Adams’ wife and daughter] wanted me to do it, which was very important. They were the ones who convinced me. And I honestly think that I can kind of bring something to it and not try to be Douglas … but maybe people will read this, and then they’ll go back and read the other five, which is the whole point.”

The Main show:

  • This is really a fan film interview.  Michael from NeoFX has worked on projects such as Star Trek: Of Gods and Men and Starship Farragut animated and non animated episodes.  This is part 1 of an interview with Michael with NeoFX

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